Apex Predator

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Apex Predator



Liner Notes: 

So I had this cloying chord progression and had to balance it out somehow. The kids were playing/fighting with stuffed animals and the lyrics suddenly seemed obvious.


Sharks eat penguins for breakfast
Sharks eat penguins for lunch
Sharks eat penguins for dinner

Why do you have to fight
Why do you have to fight like sharks
When the ocean levels are rising
And the ice shelves are falling apart
This isn’t how it was meant to be
This isn’t just a case of mistaken identity

Sharks eat penguins for breakfast

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Love the contrast of light-hearted music with very serious and dark lyrics!

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The guitar playing has a bit of Spanish flair to it, especially in the beginning. I really like the music, and the lyrics are an unexpected combination. I like the unexpected.

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Impeccable playing here.
Great lyrics.
A deceptively happy sounding tune...

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very cool, the simple lyrics are are mesmerizing. The guitar sounds rich and full. Great job.

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Aw man, that was a big tease! Thought you were going to take off with something after the mistaken identity line. No such luck!
Kids always inspire the best songs. Smile