A Curious Thing

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A Curious Thing




Liner Notes: 

swordsmith: 95 words, which is probably my all-time second shortest lyric (After Musca Temporis, 56).


A curious thing, the umbrella
Its ruse overfloweth my cup
I'm told it can go up a chimney down
But not down a chimney up

A curious thing is the leggy
Such wonderment never will stop
It hasn't a top at the bottom
But a bottom, indeed, at the top

A curious thing, the birdkeeper
Confounding the cleverest sage
It's known he can cage any swallow
But he plainly can't swallow a cage

A curious thing, this election
In sating my ponderous thirst
To make presidents of first ladies
We must make lady presidents, first!

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This made me smile! So original and funny. I love the leggy one best I think, but it is good all the way through.

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Very well thought lyrics! I enjoyed pondering each verse.

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I love the circuitous logic in this. Worthy of Wonderland! It's clever and charming!

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oh my goodness what a clever lyric! I adore it! Smile

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i love the reversal of subject and object. it is one of the devises i stumbled upon in my analysis of the world as i grew up, to think about the "x of y versus the y of x." the history of art v the art of history-- how does that differ? as an example. you have taken that trope and realized it brilliantly here. it has a conversational tone, which is engaging. i do not get the leggy reference-- looking it up did not clear up the matter. very timely and pithy.

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to answer tsunamidaily (and bear in mind i didn't write the song) but i'm guessing its a reference to the top of a person's leg being where that person's 'bottom' is, anatomically speaking?

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This is wonderful, every stanza and that last one- what a great way to end it!

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First of all, thank you so much for all your wonderful and supporting comments! Again and again, you prove to be a master of the words. A very intelligently written set of lyrics with some extravagantly creative ideas and a lovely sentiment that it may sometimes be worth changing one´s perspective and view on things. There are so many things we just accept without bringing them into question. The last stanza even has a very topical reference. Excellent write!

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Very clever! I would love it if you recorded your voice reading your words, I think it would be joyous to hear how you interpret your own writing.
This is so well written and light on the tongue, I know everyone used wonderful, but I wanted to use that word too!!

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Fantastic demo, @izaak. Made this wry little observation into quite the rollicking singalong, without losing a single wink or nod.

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Oh what a fun collaboration... the Irish jig style totally makes the lyrics jump and dance to life. Well done, both of you!

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This is just superb! I love the wordplay, and the folky sound, and put together they made me think of nothing so much as Blackadder. I can very much imagine nursie singing this with Tony Robinson and Rowan Atkinson joining in on the choruses while swaying tankards of mead. I realise neither of you are from the UK and the reference may not translate, but it is a good thing about a much loved comedy show Smile