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Liner Notes: 

Klaus said: I liked Chandra's lyrics. The melody came fast and with ease even though this is more like poem than song lyrics. I just tried to treat each line independently and at the same time make it a whole musically. With free verse like this there is less need for symmetry or matching verses so the music is also a bit free.

Thank you Chandra for this.

Original lyrics with comments:


Still by Chandra83

Everything is still
As though the collective will
Of the entire Universe
Has wished to instill

Take a breath
Filter out the mess
That's in your mind
Making you ill
And confused

The world will wait
For you to create
With glorious skill
All that you can
With what you alone
Can use.

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That's lovely. I'm amazed at how well you've put chandra's verse to music; not easy without a normal song structure. I particularly like the clear moods for each section.

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Such nice lines and the way Klaus says them are so moving and perfect. I'm in awe!

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Nice chord progression, and vocal melody, good movement and development, very nice lyrics too.

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Really nice all around.
Lovely melody and uplifting lyrics.
I'm glad you kept it quiet and basic, Klaus, it really suits the words.
Wonderful collaboration, you guys!

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The vocal brought out the lyric amazingly. Very cool result!

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Good message. Nice, concise lines leave lots of room to sit back and relax to for a few moments. Lovely interpretation of music and vocal phrasing...Nicely done!

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The reassuring voice here does great justice to Chandra's lyrics. And so does your guitar playing, nice work for sure!

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Beautiful meditative lyric and music. Enjoyed listening and feeling relaxed. Lovely collaboration.

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Love the solo acoustic Klaus ... almost Nick Drake-like! Really beautiful music that fits the lyrics (which are very well-crafted and uplifting in a mellow way) perfectly.

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Nicely done. I love the lift both musically and lyrically with "the world will wait for you to create"