Watching Life

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Watching Life




Liner Notes: 

@downburst asked in a thread about a specific chord progression that he was using, and I liked the progression so much, that I nicked it, lol. Smile

I made slight changes to the progression I'll be honest, adding a sixth to one of the E7 chords, and I think I'm using a half diminished seventh chord as opposed to a fully diminished seventh chord.

His original progression was C, B7, E7, E7 (changed to E7add6), Am, E7, Am, Am, F, F#dim7 (changed to half diminished seventh), C, A7, D7, G7, C, G7

To that I have a bridge type thing that goes through a run of Am7, Dm, F, and C once (twice on the later bridge), followed by Am7, Dm, and then a run through F, F# half dim seventh, G7

I have gone through so many attempts to get the vocal down, and this is the best I've got so far, but I'm still not happy with it, as it's being a real pain in the backside!

Acoustic travel guitar, alongside the FAWM egg shaker (and finger snaps later in the song on the free hand later in the song), dual whistling solo at the end, and finally programmed bass and drums (badly - I'm better with real drums because slow processing makes them react slowly at times).

I hate that I've used "cyclists" twice!

By he way, a "jam butty" is a colloquialism in the UK for a Jam (or Jelly in some countries) sandwich. It's very rare that I use colloquialisms! A "ladybird" is sometimes called a "ladybug" in some countries. A Mini Clubman is a type of car!


Sat on a bench at the side of the road
Watching the world pass me by
With my jam butties and a flask of coffee
Under a beautiful clear sky

Cyclists, horse and carts, lorries and cars
Frequent the busy road I see
To the side of me, a flower display
Has ladybirds and bumble bees

I'm watching life
Passing my time
Just watching life

Cyclists, pushchairs, and a couple of prams
A Mini Clubman painted black
I see the time and put away my things
It's time for me now to get back

To the working life
That's full of strife
Which is why
I have this time
Just watching life
Passing my time
Watching life

Words & melody (as it is) by Martin Quibell
Music by Rod "Downburst" Johnson & Martin Quibell.

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I could see the "Everybody's in Showbiz"-era Kinks doing this song! Your whistle solo is tailor made for the horn section they had in those days. Really cool, thanks. If I could get 40-odd more people top do this I might get a win.

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Very mellow....nostalgic progression....a slice of life!!!

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Very cool take on @downburst's chords! What a beautiful mini slice of life going on here!

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This is great. I love the instrumentation, the shaker is such a nice addition. This song has a nice and warm feeling.

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perfect. just as it is Smile a very uncomplicated listen. Smile Thank you!

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Really love this - has a smidgen of Beatles and a lot of Kinks. Love the real life observation of the lyrics and some really nice chords.

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A great relaxed Sunday afternoon kind of song. And +1 from me on the Kinks vibe. Looking at life and commenting as the World passes by in the true Davies style. It's good to hear you using a stronger voice than usual, it really works.

Bonus points for working "jam butties" into the lyrics. You should have just let the expression go by without comment - I bet you'd have got some interesting questions!