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Liner Notes: 

The seeds of this were brainstormed with my favourite nearly-4-yr-old.


i've got a tickle in my tummy
i've got a wriggle in my toes
and it sounds a little bit funny
but i've got giggle up my nose

it's so exciting
i feel like biting

My legs, they feel like jumping
it's all bubbly in my belly
my heart is fast and pumping
knees wobbly like jelly

it's so exciting
i feel like biting

emergency! Overload!
i think my circuits might explode

emergency! Overload!
explode explode explode explode!!

my tongue it can't stop chattering
my eyes are open wide
and i feel a kind of pattering
somewhere deep inside

it's so exciting
i feel like biting

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Absolutely exactly how he feels! Brilliant Wobbie, just brilliant. I am grinning ear to ear and he is gonna exploooooooooode with excitement in the morning when we play it to him. Another classic! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

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That is my son to a T! Lovely song! Well done! I wanna get up and jump up and down!

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Acoustic kiddie punk!!
I love it!!
Nice performance!
Ominous but happy at the same time.
Haha great tune, there, Wobs!

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Kiddie punk, here it is! Loving the Emergency bridge~! Very cool, Wobbs. Enjoyed.

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You have a mission to bring the joy of songwriting to kids, and also to catch childhood in song. Which this does to a tee.
I was walking to the station yesterday, in front of me was a father with his three sons. I presume he was taking them somewhere exciting
I couldn't help noticing their body movements: the skips and jumps, the windmilling arms etc all incorporated into a normal gait. All uninhibited movements of exuberance and excitement I had long forgotten. Your song does the exactly same thing to me.

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I really like it! Good job!! I like the chord progression and biting effects, nicely done.

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Love the new genre ("acoustic kiddie punk")! Reminds me of an episode of "Outnumbered" when one of the kids, after drinking expresso, runs around like crazy and says, "I feel like lightning!" I like the little touches here like the biting noise and the cool electric guitar on the "Emergency" part. Great!

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Lots to learn from this kind of kids' playfullness, and you have the vocals to give them kids a voice too... Like!

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What fun words - action, description! And delightful upbeat music - cool sounds. Yay for kiddie punk!

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Yeah...my first Wobbie listen of 50/90! I was 'excited' just opening this. Especially love the electric guitar Wobs and the song as per usual ace lyrics, melody, humour ... and relatable - my two year old gets this feeling all the time. Daddy has the scars to prove it! Biggrin

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Hooray for writing songs with kids Smile This makes me want to bounce around like a 4-year-old.