Warm me not

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Warm me not




Liner Notes: 

Izaak asked to create music for my lyrics.

UPDATE ...and man did he ever. Most beautiful thing I've heard....Wonderful Collab, A++++++++ would collab again. Smile


Warm me not

Warm me not
With rounded words
As empty as fire from paper
Nor reach for me
With Veiled intents
dripping from your arms

Warm me not
With finest silks
Handspun in exotic lands
Nor adorn my head
With a jewelled crown
Forged from finest silver and gold

Warm me not
With delicacies
In the tiniest rare portions
Neither uncork wine
Aged for centuries
Grapes from your father’s farms

Warm me not
If I am cold
And paler than the new straw
Nor press your lips
Against my skin
Shed no tears for me

If I am cold then I am gone
My lover has come to take me
For I will always belong to him
And he will belong to me

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This will be awesome with music! I love the ancient feel of the lyrics. Let me know when it is finished!

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Love your lyrics."Warm me not"speaks volumes by itself,even without "veiled intents and rounded words",which are also pretty great.

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Okay, so I wanted to read the lyrics by themselves first to get the effect of what was, to what is. Wow, very potent and elegant expression. I hear two different contexts, both of them poignant moments of declaration.
First few notes of Izaak's guitar melted me completely, and that only amped up along the way with the luscious gentle swirl of the waltz, tender vocal, horns and harmonies. Sweet!

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This is so lovely. I like the repetition of the beginnings of the lyric lines and how you change the details with wonderful images and comparisons. The music and melody create a pretty tune, especially with the addition of the horns. The vocal is gentle and I like the overlapping singing in the latter part of the song. Great collab!

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This is absolutely gorgeous- it is like poetry singing off the page so tenderly. The hook is wonderful. The music is really magical and the vocals so beautiful and the horn adds a timeless quality.

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Horns are kinda rare here at 50/90, so I was refreshed to hear them compliment Izaak's fine vocal harmonies, and [@Brrrse] already poetic lyrics. The guitar gently brings this love ballad along in a comfy feel, with so many things to like here. Great collab!