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Liner Notes: 

I found this Auntie-Sin turn quite tricky. I found the two songs I was Synthesizing fairly abstract in meaning, and I struggled to combine them and make sense at the same time, some of the gist of what I mean is there but there are parts which I don't think make much coherent sense at all!

Synthesis of @iveg's *17395 Richest Generation and @Vom Vorton's *17558 Wake Up!

For full chain see Auntie Sin Forum thread http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/auntie-sin


we are both friend and rival
we are both dark and light
tradition and technology
come together or fight?

a silent shout, a blaring whisper
echo round in my mind
looking through a lens just one step removed from
moments frozen in time

What have we been handed down?
What will we pass on?
has our past eaten their future?
will it all be gone?

The bullies in the playground rule the classes
there's not much to go round
we are drowning in information
but will the answer be found?


feed the future
heal the past
heed the warnings
find the path


we are all so full of potential
for harm and good
the world will turn but when will we learn?
when will the lesson be understood?


feed the future
heal the past
heed the warnings
find the path

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Very nice. Yes, we are doomed to repeat history, because so many are ignorant of the past and "drowning in information" instead of seeking wisdom. This is a well written song, musically as well as lyrically. I think it makes perfectly good sense. Keep up the good work!

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"..has our past eaten their future?" I love that line. Smile

This is a side of Wobbie Wobbit that is new to me. And I mean that in the best way possible. I can still hear the "cheeky", "sparky" Wobbie, but this is a very tight write with a "commercial" feel that is really appealing. I love the twist on the chord progression. And the harmony vox were a sonic treat!

Lovely job, well worth the wait.

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I liked this. It's hard to synthesize under the best of conditions. When one of the lyrics is semi-random nonsense [mine] the job becomes that much more difficult. Now I need to go back and listen to the previous songs again. I think you took what you were given and made something really good of it.

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Hi wobbie, I really love the multi-voiced sections in this! I am going to go back and listen to the whole chain before I make any more comment, so I can see what you were dealt.

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Really enjoyed this, interesting how you can see the influence of the songs that came before but this is so different, it feels quite anthemic! Really like those backing vocals.

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Bowing to your prowess in combining the two songs. Now I see where the statements on being dichotomous aspects comes from - it was a neat way to blend the songs and keep the questioning spirit going, but your repeated section really ties the knot and heals the divide. I wish I'd understood the game a bit better to try to be more faithful to yours, while at the same time turning it on it's head, as Vom did in his anti-song.

Wow, this is a luscious synthesis, a timeless song of hope

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I've never done that challenge - I just listened to Barbara's based upon yours.
What a great song you have here, no matter where it came from. Strong lyrical message, and I like how the song is generally upbeat yet the chords and vocals bittersweet. Good one!

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I particularly enjoyed the harmony vocals on the "feed the future" chorus, and I couldn't help but notice as I've listened backward through the chain that this was the first Auntie-Sin song I've come across with a real forward drum track, and I think it adds a lot to the feel even though it isn't always tightly synched up. There is a sort of anthemic optimism in the chorus, like something that would have been sung in the 1960's... Like a Crosby Stills and Nash song... a fun listen, thanks for playing!!

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Great job synthesizing two very different songs. I really enjoyed the way you handled this.

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Yay! @wobbie wobbit I finally got to listen to this song. I can still recognise the 1st song in the technology elements and the last one too with bullies in the playground. So happy to be part of this game and to go last in the chain with the 11th manifestation of the original song was quite an honour. Thank you for running the auntie sin game this 50/90! xx