The Downburst Progression

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The Downburst Progression




Liner Notes: 

This progression came up in a theory discussion in the forum:

C B7 E7 E7
Am E7 Am Am
F F#o7 C A7
D7 G7 C G7 3 times through

I played a solo piano over the progression, that shows how it sounds.

Thanks @downburst

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strolling on 5th...
my friends and me
thinkin bout how things
all seem to flow
even not knowing where the music will go...

see it has words too

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Sounds great! This is so pretty. I love it! That chord works perfectly. I don't know the theory behind it either, but the passing/leading sound of the chord gives a nice arc to the progression.

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That diminished chord is in the flow, perfectly natural sounding.

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Sweet indeed! I absolutely love those descending rocking intervals passages! I hear a faint Joplinesque quality in places but so much more romantic overall. One of my favorites from you, Russ. And @downburst, it's about time something was named for you!

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Really good playing with lots of subtle touches. You brought the chord progression to life.

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Very nicely done.

Tiny niggle is the gaps in the reverb tails in places. Were they at edits? Bung a second reverb on the master track, and they'll disappear.