The Past Is Over

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The Past Is Over



Liner Notes: 

This is the last demo I'll post for at least a week. Like the last two I've posted, I recorded this one just before I left for a 9-day trip.
At the yoga studio we own, my wife has placed cards with inspirational messages all around. I saw the one that gave me this title in our tea room.


Yes, but the Word doc is on my home computer and a thousand miles from home.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This one is a complete joy! The medium is, in fact, the message as well in that pleasures are only in this moment. Great down-to-earth illustration on such a simple scale as meals, to make the point of releasing and moving into the next now. Have a great trip!

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Your mandolin is wonderful. Sounds absolutely fantastic. Great message. It really is so important not to waste time living in the past, or the future I might add. Stay "in the moment" as you say. Smile

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This is such a happy tune! Last nights dinner was mighty fine.

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Fantastic bluegrass! I like the mandolin fills a lot. I really need to work on my bluegrass style. I don't have any. Why a joyful thing to listen to!

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I like the little tags that are played in both instruments. The past is over! What a brilliant, simple, really important message. I love the jump up to a higher note on the last extended "over" you sing, right before the end. It has a characteristic sound, that I love singing the next harmony above. Excellent little ditty all around! I can't wait to hear the songs you write on the road.