Fabulous 5090 Challenge Shuffle

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Fabulous 5090 Challenge Shuffle



Liner Notes: 

The old adage goes: when in a slump write a 50/90 metasong. Smile "Fabulous" in the title refers more to the 50/90 than to the shuffle.

Got more songs coming quite soon, just hadn't had the time to sing and demo them.


Fabulous 50/90 Challenge Shuffle

I write a song
I find it pleasing
but very soon
my muse is wheezing
My Pegasus
has got no talons
but it's the 50/90 Challenge

I'm writing well
but what a pity
song number four
is not so pretty
It takes a while
to find the balance
when it's the 50/90 Challenge

Wonderful ideas come to mind
don't want to fall behind
I cut down sleep
I hardly eat
but it's so sweet to post a new song

I'm all excited
Can't take a bath
when I'm ignited
My family
thinks I'm a savage
when it's the 50/90 Challenge

( fabulous bass guitar solo ...)

Big rock arragement fills my head
just when I'm off to bed
Guitars chime
voices climb
I got no time to make a full demo

I write a song
I write another
I try to rhyme
but it's a bother
Made up a word
to end the grallenge
coz it's the 50/90 Challenge
50/90 Challenge!

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I love to hear your vocals! This makes me smile and what good lyrics! Always a fan:)

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Aw super fun! "grallenge" made me snicker. Great meta lyrics and a song I really enjoyed listening to

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Few would dare to take on the 'challenge' rhyme, but you have done so with aplomb! Very new and refreshing phrasing, and delightfully self-aware (I particularly enjoyed the invocation of 'grallenge' - both in the lyrics and the metadata). To find a wheezing muse and a declawed Pegasus in such close proximity was a sheer delight - like a renaissance painting with an ironic twist - a great artist with a knowing wink. I also like 'can't take a bath / when I'm ignited' - works on both a figurative and unnecessarily literal level.

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Oh my goodness.....I laughed till I cried and I was still laughing - needed the oxygen tank. Thank you so very much for this honest and wonderful song!!!! Everything about it is so much goodness! Thank you!

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This is a great song. You are funny and smart! I love the ending and I love the line: My family thinks I'm a savage

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Great fun. Really catchy, a lovely shuffle and some killer rhymes. Made me smile.

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great little shuffle. meta is where it's at! you have definitely proven that everything's betta with meta. way to go!

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Very cool shuffle! You got some great rhymes. Excellent and fun demo.

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I dig the '50s rhythm you got to this. Very creative ways to express writer's block here. I especially like "My Pegasus has got no talons." The "50/90 Challenge" melody is also a great hook. Also, as a bassist, I gotta say you're doing some very cool work with it, especially the very '50s solo. The bridge/chorus is nice as well, and the sentiment of wanting to record when you're about to sleep is super relatable. The harmony on "vocals climb" is also awesome! "Made up a word to end the grallenge coz it's the 50/90 Challenge" put a big grin on my face too, as well as you're little vocal improv at the end. :P Really good work!

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This is lots of fun! What a great way to approach it..the shuffle and all! I especially enjoyed "my muse is wheezing/My Pegasus had got no talons". And the bath verse...so amusing! Great lines, great music!

Great ending to the grallenge! This song is all about the fun, as every meta 50-90 song should be.

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A very nice short song. I liked the bass playing and clever lyrics. I think coming up with personal stuff is good for coming up with unique concepts, something I should take note from my last song heh.