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Liner Notes: 

@levesinet left a fantastic comment on my second song, and mulling it over I was able to come up with another lyric, still stubbornly optimistic, as is my wont. I can't really explain what I'm trying to say here, I guess that's why we sing songs instead of write essays, to try and get beneath the words.


I would learn
I would learn
From all those
Who came before me
For it’s written
Quite clearly
For anyone to read
This great divide
Just keeps dividing
So we better
Start deciding
What we want
What we really want
And what we need
And the wise man
Listens closely
And the fool
Rants and boasts
And yet we all still see
The same things on the screen
Bits of paper
Bits of noise
Bits of hatred
Bits of joy
Bits of music
And little bits of this humanity

Who will choose
For me and you
Will they do
What we need them to do
Can they see this through and through
O the third side of the story
Is perhaps the most important
All or nothing at all
You leave a legacy
I want widespread wonderful things
I want glory
I want wings
I want to hand this off to you
And see you sing
And I find
The place for action
Is in my own
O he who has ears
Let him hear them ringing
O let them ring
Let them ring

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I love your lyrics and echo the sentiment. Nice mellow feel. Feels like a lazy Sunday morning with a personal sermon being shared in an intimate setting.

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such a relaxed 5 groove. a pastoral piece, with a nice rambling meditation atop it. i dig it.

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You're a good man and I'm kind of relieved not to see my worst fears getting instantly definitively cross-validated. These lyrics make me think, rethink. And I do think it is broadly speaking a year of rethinking, re-evaluation, and rebalancing.

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I really love the beautiful guitar chords used in this. One takes are always so raw and I think suit these lyrics Smile

This is just beautiful Smile Very gently played, subtle chords.... what more could anyone ask for Smile More please Smile

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i was coincidentally reading lev's comment directly before coming here.
slow pace is works well.
pretty killer lyrics, music fixing well - i also like this type of (sombre) optimism!
And... great whistling.