Old Man Frick

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Old Man Frick



Liner Notes: 

The title began with a dinner-table discussion between my teenage daughter, my wife, and me about the use of "frick" as a replacement for "f**k." We're all of the opinion that since everyone knows what you mean when you substitute "frick," why not just go ahead and use the real word? Or better yet, avoid both.
Then later, as I plucked my banjo, I thought about the "what does your username mean?" thread and it came to me that "Old Man Frick" would be a great username if I wanted to do FAWM or 50/90 as a banjo-only alter ego.
(In that case you would use the substitute word because it's a name and because "Old Man F**k" could be something very, very different.)


Looking for a sign – heaven sent
Went down to the river, pitched my tent
Poked my campfire with a stick
Waiting on the ghost of Old Man Frick

Made dandelion wine but never got drunk
Some kind of Buddhist hillbilly monk
And he built his own house brick by brick
And there he died – Old Man Frick

Rode a bike – never owned a car
Wandering spirit but didn’t get far
Wore a pocket watch, you can still hear it tick
If you listen close for Old Man Frick

Waited all night, then at sunrise
As I rubbed my tired, heavy eyes
Felt a breeze cut through air so thick
I like to think it was Old Man Frick

Lesson for all of us
When you die, what’s the fuss
You just move on up the road a lick
Like the ghost of Old Man Frick

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I LOVE this! I love the banjo playing. I love the cheerful ghost story quality. I like the Poe-like ticking watch in the grave. I like that it's a happy ending even though he died. So much is good about this song!

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Cool song - love the banjo! One minor criticism - I wasn't sure at the beginning of the 2nd verse if you were talking about him (thought you were still talking about you). Then in verse 4 you switch back to you. Maybe a brief "He" at the beginning of verse 2 and 3, and a brief "I" at beginning of verse 4. Nitpicking though - fun song!

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great demo of a character sketch based on an interesting discussion, with philosophical ramifications. great work.

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I was going through my watchlist, got to your name, and realized I haven't listened to anything of yours yet! Of all your tunes, this title caught my eye immediately. What an awesome song title/username!! It will stick in my head long after today is done. Hehe. Great performance, lyrics and catchy banjo and melody.

I like the story behind the song, too. I'm pretty sure if I used the words "frick" or "frickin'" during my interactions with patrons at work (library), I'd get in MAYBE slightly less trouble. But I'd still be reprimanded, I'm sure. Unless Old Man Frick came in - then I could use it (loudly, of course) in context. "Here are the books you requested, Mr. FRICK!" Smile