Hammer of Love

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Hammer of Love



Liner Notes: 

I felt compelled to write this as a reminder to myself. And once the words tumbled out in about 5 minutes, I knew I had to let my voice alone be the instrument.


Hammer of love - sturdy and strong
Chip away at that wall all day long
Sweat on my brow, been working so hard
With my hammer of love been traveling far

Hammer of love - you make me feel
I can do anything with your wood and steel
I can tear down and build up again
Hammer of love - means to an end

Sometimes we work late into the night
Muscles are aching but I'm doing what's right
Always a new job needs a steady hand
With my hammer of love
I'm a steadier man

Hammer of love you swing a wide arc
Land square on that nail
Give off a spark
Tool of my calling
Though I didn't ask
Hammer of love make me up to the task

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Gospel this up - big organ, drums, choir! Biggrin You know it's a good song when an acappella version communicates it entirely effectively, however! Smile

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I was singing harmonies through this....brought up my early a capella church choir days..beautiful. Well done! Cannot wait to hear where it goes!

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Beautiful! Wonderfully conveyed sentiment and great gospel feel.

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I was singing harmony too like [@brrrse] ... has a great gospel hymm quality ... beautiful song! Made me think of church camps I've been too when we would sing hymns a capella ... great job!