Hold 'Em

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Hold 'Em



Liner Notes: 

I wrote this for the Facebook skirmish group - the prompt was "Hold On," and I was struggling. The idea was to take an often-used title and write your own song. I'd start thinking about it, strum a few chords, and another song (ones by Kansas, ELO, Sam and Dave) would come to mind.
Finally, as I ran yesterday, these words came to me pretty much fully formed. And I don't even play cards - had to look up what an inside straight is.


Kitchen table, three empty chairs
I deal four hands, but I’m the only player there
Friday night, I stay home
I prefer to play my cards alone

I hold ‘em close to my chest
Hold’ em so no one can guess
Hold ‘em though I see all the cards
Hold ‘em close to my heart

Dollar bills and quarters pile up
I pour whiskey into four coffee cups
Friday night, I could make a few calls
But I prefer winner take all

I hold ‘em close to my chest
Hold ‘em and I make my bet
Hold’ em though no one can see
Hold ‘em close to me

I hold ‘em , got an inside straight
I hold ‘em, keep my poker face
I hold ‘em, close to my heart
I hold ‘em, now it’s time to show my cards

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This song has a nice flow, and the hook word 'Hold em' are very memorable.
It's kinda like a cross between country and folk Smile

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Ugh! Who bets on drawing an inside straight. Craziness! Biggrin Good card song. I like it. EDIT: That's why they call it a gutshot straight.

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Pretty cool the way the words came to you when you were running-like it just wrote itself once your mind could be in another space. How did you remember them? This is a fun song-love the whisky in four coffee cups. Ah, to be alone.

Solitaire poker, now thats a new one on me Smile Sir that is some mighty funky groove and guitar playing.

Some nice 50/60s bubblegum pop feel to this one. A great write.