35 and 5

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35 and 5


Liner Notes: 

A Song of Baseball.

Will re-record vocals when I get a chance--I glitched on a few lines.

Edit: better recording, better mix.


They were big in early April 1984
Won the first nine games right out of the gate
Morris threw a no-no on national TV
Trammell hit in 17 games straight
The wins kept piling up, and when the dust had cleared
No team had ever started out so fast
They seemed to be untouchable, no one had seen the like
You had to wonder how long this could last

35 and 5, 35 and 5
We got this one locked down never fear
35 and 5, 35 and 5
It’s all downhill from here

They steadily increased their lead as the spring went by
Looked like the team to beat by early June
But a baseball season is one hundred sixty two games long
And the Tigers went into a epic swoon
Could it be that they were not as good as they had seemed to be?
Maybe it was just another streak
Morris began to pout, couldn’t get anyone out
And the prospects started looking pretty bleak

Panic settled in among the press and fans
Maybe they weren’t so tough after all
But Sparky calmed the waters, and told them “never fear
Now we only have to play .500 ball”

August came and bit by bit they got their mojo back
Willie saving games consistently
It never got much easier but wins were adding up
Like Sherman’s army marching to the sea
At the finish line they led the Blue Jays by 15 games
When it mattered, they finally showed some poise
When Gibby hit a Gossage fastball deep into the stands
The fans could finally say “bless you boys”

35 and 5, 35 and 5
Now and then they gave us all a scare
35 and 5, 35 and 5
But it was all downhill from there
35 and 5, 35 and 5
Yeah it was all downhill from there

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I have been to a grand total of one baseball game in my life (the Braves against the Brewers, if you're asking) but even I could follow the thread of this. Fun song - and hooray for happy endings.

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Very spring-y and energizing to listen to! (*Chair-dancing at work*)
That title ends up making a great hook line, and the repetition in the chorus makes it easily sing-along-able and memorable. I've learned something here about how to fit denser storytelling sentences into song. Might try my hand at one. I wish I were also reminiscing along with the song, because I'll bet that ups the pleasure even more, to hear you fit all the details in. But the story comes through quite well as it is, and I like the music very much, no matter what it's about! I found myself thinking about Gordon Lightfoot -- not that the song sounds like him, but more so the length of story involved, and the way it held my attention the way good storytelling does. Also picked up a good idea for how to orient the listener at the beginning of the song with a preview of the chords. Nice! Woop!!

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Not a fan of baseball, but I love a good story!
Some harmony would round that chorus out nicely.
Feels like movement, like the team was doing. Moving forward. I dig it!

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A really nice engaging and catchy tune.
Excellent playing, and your vox sound so warm.
I agree with @Adnama17; some harmony in the chorus would be pretty sweet.
Great summertime song - I'm sitting on the couch drinking a coffee and watching the sun climb, and this tune is the perfect soundtrack.

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I don't follow baseball (it's not really a 'thing' here in Australia like it seems to be in the State), but this song had me dancing in my seat! Such a feel-good vibe to the music.

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I was a big Tigers fan back then - what a great team. I like all the local Detroit baseball references. Very strong chorus. Yeah, it was all downhill from there (to winning the World Series).