D Minor for a Rainy Day

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D Minor for a Rainy Day



Liner Notes: 

As the rain fell outside the window overlooking the backyard, it just seemed right to pluck the banjo in D minor. Started slow, but then I've been wanting to build my picking speed, so why not do both?
I realized the riff I created sort of sounds like a classic rock hit of my youth - by an arena rock band that was huge in late '70s/early '80s. Can you guess song and band? (Also, there's some "Shady Grove" feel in there - hundreds of bluegrass songs have been built upon that melody.)

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Sounds like rain falling on a tin roof-beautiful! Yes, a little Shady Grove, but original too. Love it!

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Nice little picking piece. Shady Grove is a fine little tune, but you've ventured off of it quite well. I am not sure of the "arena-rock" song you speak of! I am looking at Tony's pretty polly lesson, maybe I'll do something with that this 50/90. Good tune you've got here.

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Lovely banjo. I like the dynamic arrangement -- when you let the banjo just be on its own in the middle, cut out all of the propulsive backing, then it comes roaring back. Smart. I agree with cindyrella, it does have a water-droplets-falling-on-the-roof feel!

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Damn, whatever song you are referring to is on the tip of my brain...
Like the arrangement, stripped back, then full, etc. Gives it variety.
I need a banjo!

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I always enjoy your minimalist banjo playing.
I've said this before, but your songs always have that relaxed, front porch jam feel.
An enjoyable tune for sure.

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This is really pretty. It definitely has a rainy day feel.

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Timeless. I hear echoes of ghost riders in the sky but it is definitely it's own thing.

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Perfect mood music for the cold, overcast, "is it going to snow?" weather we're having here today...