Mango Lips

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Mango Lips



Liner Notes: 

Mangoes are dropping off the trees here in Florida! I love them, but I learned the hard way that the skin can be toxic like poison ivy. The lyrics are my story.
Yesterday at the market where @AndyGetch and I played music, I was eating a mango that another musician had peeled. I explained how I'm susceptible to mango lips, and Andy said he expected a 50/90 song from me about that. So here it is.


When I moved to Florida, had a lot to learn
In Ohio, no need for concern about mango lips
Mango lips
It’s an affliction all too real
I’m sensitive and I know how it feels
To have mango lips
Mango lips

I can eat the fruit, let the juice run down my chin
But I can’t have nothing to do with the mango skin

Thought it was the summer heat causing that rash
Underneath my moustache
But it was mango lips
Mango lips
But I kept on eating, so delicious
Like I said, I’m from Ohio so I wasn’t suspicious
About mango lips
Mango lips

Then a native told me, what you got has a name
And my wise pal Google told me the same

Thought the harmonica might be the reason why
Sometimes I play til my lips are dry

I can still eat the fruit I love
But I only touch the skin with gloves
No more mango lips

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nice laid-back vibe, and cool harmonica touch. educational too Smile no mango trees where i live, but we've planted a few grains and have baby mango trees Smile incidentally, i got inspired by my daughter's love for mangoes recently, so another mango song coming up shortly...

Fun percussive groove, harp, and the "juice running down the chin" visual LOL. Thanks for answering the challenge and I hope to hear this one at the market soon Smile

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Adorable, love this so much. Timeless classic

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Very complete song. Good story and very nice vocal delivery. The harmonica and percussive beat are vert good additions. I'd never heard about this problem with mangoes, thanks for the information and the music.

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LOL! That hook drew me in, I couldn't stand not knowing, love the harmonica on this, a great tune and write!

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Great song! Nice story telling and harmonica playing!!!

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Mango lips might be painful but at least you've made a great song out of your affliction!