Girl in a Corvette

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Girl in a Corvette


Liner Notes: 

This just didn't sound the way it did in my head, but hey. Onward!


Sally was licking her wounds from a D I
Her ex was a swine and she couldn’t wait to sign
The papers that set her free
She tried OK Cupid, it was just too stupid
She could see it wouldn’t get her far
She said “never again, I’m done with men”
And she went and bought herself a car

Girl in a Corvette
What a beautiful sight
No one’s caught her yet
But it just might happen tonight

In no time flat she was racin’ round the county
Runnin' every traffic light
She was reckless and rude and determined to elude
Any cop that had her in his sight
A couple of guys tried her on for size
In her souped up Chevrolet
She said “boys, no offense but you seem kinda dense
You’re not gonna beat me today.”


Jamie was patrolling the interstate
In a big black SUV
Joined the force right out of school
She was a sheriff’s deputy
But the cops were clowns and they put her down
And she knew exactly why
It was no way to live and something had to give
When Sally went flying by

It was a sweet little Vette but she didn’t need the aggravation
She walked up to the window, said “license and registration”
But after just one glance, something seemed to click, it
Was a roadside romance and she tore up the ticket
And she knew right then it was a whole new situation

[chorus x 2]

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Nice, fun song Smile Great story through the verses and the vocals seem to be perfect for the song :0

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This song has two surprises: first, the obvious one (not gonna spoil it for those who read comments first); and second, the delivery of the second half of the last verse! That was extra fun!! BGV's and all! And I don't know if perhaps I just wasn't paying much close attention in other challenges, but to me it seems like your endings this time around have reached some new level of just right.

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Pretty good song! I like the vocal harmonies towards the end of the song. I also liked the chord progression sounds kind of unusual in today's rock music.

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Backing vocals on a Downburst song? That's new, isn't it? I'm not too sure about one or two of the earlier "ooo"s but they bring a real lift to that last verse.

Fun song, accomplished writing and the guitar propels everything along wonderfully. Very nicely done.

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Great delightful story that leaves me cheering for Sally and Jamie! Awesome details and absolutely delightful groove! I really enjoyed this!

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I like the chord progression. It's perfect for the story. Somehow I did not see where this was going so it amused me. I imagined a more violent end for the law avoiding girl in a Corvette. glad you posted some songs.

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This is great, isn't it? I love your melodies and rhyming schemes. The last verse has a cool twist. In one way I wanted Sally to be called Yvette so that it could have been Yvette in her corvette. But, no. Stick with Sally. Sally is way better. I hope her and Jamie live happily ever after.

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Great story song here. Girls and cars are eternal themes for Rock and Roll. "Sweet little 'Vette" --- I love the extra vocals on this stanza, and the way the scene comes together. Crafty writing as usual, and some clever rhymes, and rhyme scheme.

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fabulous writing rod!..superb lyrics that are a pop work of art & i love the story
i wasnt sure about the ooohs in the chorus ..they should work but didnt quite... tho they were almost there by the end
you always were the master of the awesome bridge & still are Smile
fabulous pop song...realy loved it