Old Radio

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Old Radio



Liner Notes: 

I was trying to fix the pickup on one of my guitars, and I decided to run it through my tiny practice amp. Figured I should write a song as I did that. I looked across the room at the old boom box I still use occasionally, and here came this song. I recalled summers as a kid, and how my dad still takes a radio outside with him to listen to ball games on the porch.
I've already decided to change one of the bridge couplets to: "Disc jockeys talk to me like friends/like I'm the only one listening to them."


Got an old radio
This summer gonna mellow slow
Tune in on the AM dial
Oldies station makes me smile
Still got an old radio

Got an old radio
Time machine to long ago
Baseball games all summer long
Call in for your favorite song
Still got an old radio

I can keep it beside my bed
Or take it out to the garden shed
Disc jockeys comfort me like friends
Am I the only one
Listening to them?

Got an old radio
Rocking chair and porch light glow
Little static, mostly clear
Golden sound of yesteryear
Still got an old radio

Hope I make this wish come true
Before this summer’s in my rear view
Listen to my old radio

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Smooth. I like the old radio concept, and I like that little bit of chorus on the guitar from the amp. Do they still have AM stations that play music? Who knows. I never listen to AM. Harldy listen to the radio at all. Too many FAWM and 50/90 songs to enjoy. This is cool though. Feels very nostalgic.

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lovely nostalgic big-up the radio. I can see the dust in the golden sunlight listening to this, and of course the porch. love the details like little static, mostly clear. perfect simple laid back delivery for it. nice one Smile

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Nice to hear you Chip! I like the "Little static, mostly clear, Golden sound of yesteryear.' A good line and way it sings. My dad and grandfather both had old radios that sat in their garages and would listen to baseball all summer long and that baseball line instantly transports me to some old memories.