Physician's Assistant

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Physician's Assistant


Liner Notes: 

Here's another too-lazy-to-record-a-demo song. Soon!

EDIT: Now there is a demo!


Our very first appointment I knew, she was the one
Now when I’m scheduled at 2, I show up at 1
When she asks about my symptoms, I don’t know where to start
All I can think about is the beating of my heart

I make up crazy things, hoping she’ll be fascinated
But she thinks there’s a possibility I’m dehydrated
Why can’t she understand I love her so?
My vital signs should tell her all she needs to know

Though I’m persistent
She stays resistant
She’s my physician’s assistant

I talk about how I can’t sleep at night time, cause of my back
But I can tell she thinks that I’m a hypochondriac
I see her in her whites and her little cardigan
I know she’s only going to break my heart again

Though I’m insistent
She stays so distant
She’s my physician’s assistant

She says she knows just what’s wrong with me, that I ignore
(I think she’s talking psychologically), and therefore
She won’t go out with me until I straighten up
And in the meantime could I fill this little cup?

But I’m persistent
Though she’s resistant
She’s my physician’s assistant
Though she’s so distant
My heart’s consistent
She’s my physician’s assistant

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You may be lazy to record but you're certainly not lazy to write. This is so much fun. Clever to the max, yet has a heart. Reads in many ways like a classic Tin Pan Alley Broadway musical song. The easy vernacular flow would have made Ira Gershwin proud Smile

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Fantastic! Funny and clever! You capture that excitement of infatuation so well!

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Haha, this is great! Just my kind of lyric - funny and sweet. Real "I wish I'd thought of that" stuff. Can't wait to hear a demo!

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Adorable! Wonderfully smart rhymes you wove together. Every line carries it's own weight, with fun, sympathetic humor, and cleverness. Quintessentially 'you'!

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Every single one of those rhymes is priceless. I'm sitting here with the headphones on, grinning like a loon; coupling "cardigan" with "heart again" is a masterstroke.

Both songs from you this time out have a playfulness and humour that reminds me of Loudon Wainwright. That road trip's definitely done you good - you're on fire so far!

Now, there's a demo! Biggrin Hilarious story, wordman!

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Loved the whole write. Here's what stands out for me from the demo:
That 'hypochondriac' rhyme sits just perfectly in the pocket!
I love the way 'therefore' sidles into place.
Chorus is catchy as hell and has an ultra memorable hook.

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Back for the demo, and it's a real treat! Lovely jangly acoustic guitar and a strong melody. Great stuff!

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Your rhymes are so clever! fascinated/dehydrated , back/hypochondriac , and of course persistent, resistant, insistent, distant, consistent, assistant... This is just about heading into Dylan territory when it comes the word choices. A lighthearted, humorous and witty tune, fun listening.

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Creative turn on 'the doctor is in' theme. I always love how you mix your guitar and drums so well Rod. Humor and great vocals in one song. Really dig this!

Fun wordplay and "lazy" demo. Reminds me of Weird Al Yankovic originals. Definitely Dr. Demento show worthy!

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Fun song, nurses and physician's assistants can be cute indeed. Especially the line with the cup is funny.