You Were Meant For Me

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You Were Meant For Me


Liner Notes: 

I've been on the road for three weeks, and having a hard time getting down to it here. I do have a couple songs, just not feeling very motivated to record them right now, but at least I can get some lyrics up. EDIT: Now there's a demo!


You were my fond desire
You were my forest fire
Now that it’s burned itself out, here we are again

You were my hurricane
I was your windowpane
And if we can weather that, let’s just say amen

Yeah, we just fit
Like it or not
We knew it once
But somehow we forgot
It’s unavoidable
When will you see
I was meant for you
You were meant for me

You were a birthday cake
Gave me a stomachache
I could not stop myself from having more of you

I was a satellite
Over your bed at night
Higher above this town than bird ever flew

You were a silver dollar
I was the slot
And when you pulled my handle
We hit the jackpot

I was a leaky old rowboat
Trying to keep myself afloat
You came along and towed me back to the shore

You were a Thunderbird
Waiting to be chauffeured
Now we won’t be stuck on the side of the road anymore


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This is great. I like the humour in it, the Buster Keaton anti-hero under the mercy of forces of nature feel of it. But there is a lot more to it than that. Your voice can change it to something else altogether I'll bet.

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The hurricane / window pane pairing to describe a 'fit' really stood out and delighted me. And the rhyme of 'Thunderbird' and 'be chauffeured' get you lots more imaginary points! Bring on da music, so I can hear how you pace and accent the rhyme scheme; suspenseful effect, this lazyness of yours...

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Impeccable combo of blues shuffle and slow drawl vocals; particularly taken with the delivery of "stomach yay-ay-che."

I really dig the attitude of this. Sounds like a dude who's been through it all, crashed and burned and everything, but he's still rockin' and he doesn't give a rat's posterior any more, he's just going to go for it. Love it.

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Wow, that's incredibly polished (in a certain rough and scruffy kind of way). I love the vocal delivery you chose, and all the pieces are lining up, and such confidence! Plus, you nailed the finish! Take a victory lap; you deserve one. I especially enjoyed how in the chorus you hold one chord that's at the end of one line as the beginning of the home stretch. Fine sense of theory going on there, as natural as can be.

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You were my hurricane
I was your windowpane

I was a satellite
Over your bed at night

Wonderful write and love the upbeat music, reminds me of a Randy Newman song, great stuff!!

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Glad to see you are back from your trip and on the board!! Some wonderful lines in here, whimsical, sweet, optimistic. Nice drive to the music and great vocal melody. Enjoyed the listen!! Awesome start to 50/90!!

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Just listening to the jukebox at work, so didn't really notice the humour in the song until about halfway through. Fun quirky song, but also just lovely chilled vibe musically. Well done.