Banjo Thursday 2

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Banjo Thursday 2



Liner Notes: 

I'm posting 2 songs back to back because they are so closely related - both guitar tracks recorded yesterday, banjo recorded just now. On this one, I'm picking 2- and 3-string chords.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Love the groove right from the start. Very pleasant and uplifting to listen to. The slight pauses are perfect.

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Great stuff! This is like old timey, Americana disco from the 1930's!! Rock solid beat behind all those chords.

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great groovy combo of rhythmic guitar and color commentary banjo. very dancey and catchy. i'm groovin on it.

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This one has a little more of the low down mean vibe than Thursday No. 1, I like the syncopated breaks that close out the sections on a dominant chord... great sounds on the banjo, the little hammer-ons ... and the percussive backbeats of the guitar ... lots to love, very old-timer, genuine and wonderfully, subtly suggestive in its opens and simplicity. Excellent craft on display here, Chip, thanks for sharing!

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This swings along very nicely - it has a Latin feel to it; I was waiting for the horns to kick in Smile