Banjo Thursday 1

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Banjo Thursday 1



Liner Notes: 

Yesterday, as a light rain fell, I went out onto the covered porch and had a productive late afternoon - one vocal/guitar and two guitar backing tracks recorded.
Today I added banjo to the guitar tracks, and I used all three picks for both - usually when I record I use just the thumb pick. This one is jangly, mainly picked arpeggios.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I love that you are using 50/90 to re-establish your banjo picking. I also have Tony Trishka Essential banjo practice techniques on DVD and I broke that out the other day. I didn't do anything just yet, just watched. I might try and do the forward roll practice part soon. I discovered that I am using 4 fingers to pick (like a guitar). I will have to switch to three fingers to do the exercises, though -- can't hurt. I want to do a few more banjo tune, but I've run out of what I can do (ha, ha).

Nice sounding little tune!

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Very nice tune. Something about a banjo's sound just feels so good! Love the rhythm and banjo melodies. It's my first day of vacation and I'm just sitting at my back yard patio enjoying a big ol' can of German beer - this song suits the mood perfectly. Smile

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Dang Chip, this is really beautiful!! That guitar you start out with is a really sweet strum! And the banjo is beautiful! Such a lovely new tune!

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Great back porch feel to this.
Love the ambient noises.
Yeah, so nice!

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love the noises from the porch. the banjo seems to tell a story in its conversational tone. very inviting and friendly little ditty. i can almost hear a creek and some canoers far around the bend... (faint strains of "dueling banjos" as i say this.) thanks for sharing.

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I like the patience of the two chords--- how things take their time exploring before giving us the resolution chord. The little run up to the root in the guitar part is the kind of touch I love--- like at 1:59 it happens twice--- I heard it earlier on two. Great little ditty, kind of a swing or shuffle feel to it.