To the City I'll Return

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To the City I'll Return



Liner Notes: 

I rehearsed this as a piano ballad, but then it just seemed right to record this on the covered porch as a light rain fell. Thought about doing a cappella, but minimal guitar chords kept me in key. Productive late afternoon - also recorded two rhythm tracks for upcoming instrumentals.


I fled that honeycomb
Was a house but not a home
But you been lately on my mind
Thought I’d left you far behind

I lay in bed before the dawn
Twenty years come and gone
Apartment on the second floor
Clear as if I’m walking through the door

City where the rivers meet
Bone chill hazy heat
To the city I’ll return
No more bridges left to burn

When I think I got it made
Memory cuts like a steel blade
Of a nameless waterfront dive
I hear you made it out alive

Sweep that street til it’s so clean
Gentrified and now a scene
Couldn’t sleep ‘cause I did find
That dirt got swept inside my mind

City where the rivers meet
Still more bitter than sweet
Your advances I did spurn
But to the city I’ll return

City where the rivers meet
One to enter, one to retreat
See what grace I can earn
To the city I’ll return

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Good story
Well told
Really like that flrst C--

City where the rivers meet
Bone chill hazy heat
To the city I’ll return
No more bridges left to burn

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The minimal guitar playing really enhances the vibe here. I especially like the seventh chords. Nice story as well. The verse @wyatt listed is of course, fantastic, but I think my favorite couplet has to be "When I think I got it made, memory cuts like a steel blade." There's something very powerful about that. Good work, Chip.

Quite effective. I was reminded of a friend who used to live in the city but then got married moved to the county. On many visits there he would talk about how much he missed the city with all of its imperfections. However, those imperfections were what made the city special for him. They never moved back, but he really loved the city of Richmond. Personally, I really don't understand the attraction, but that's not my eye to behold the beauty.

I dig your use of the rain effect and what it does practically and metaphorically. Awesome, man...just awesome.

I like the simple strumming. For many years I too had a longing to return to my childhood town.