Lovers Lane

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Lovers Lane



Liner Notes: 

A few years ago, I wrote a song called "Lovers Lane Is a Dead End" - I got the idea from a sign here for a Lovers Lane that is in fact a dead end. So I decided to revisit that street. I combined the beach location here and a place I used to live in Ohio.
I wanted to do a piano song, and I got a groove going. As I listened to the playback, I thought the headphones were faulty - I drop them on the floor a lot. Then after I added the vocal I realized the keyboard was not completely plugged into the computer, so that's why the piano sound is only in one ear. I could fix it, but I decided to go ahead and post and move on. I'll perform this one on guitar anyway.


129 led me downhill into town
Wound up on Main Street, had a look around
Came to a railroad crossing and I waited on a train
On the other side – saw the sign for Lovers Lane

Had time to kill til Monday, when I’d start work with Uncle Wayne
I took a detour down a street called Lovers Lane
Turned into a dirt road, dead end at water’s edge
I jumped right, tried to swim – in way over my head

Met a fine fine mermaid, I fell hard and I fell fast
June, July, and August – but we knew it wouldn’t last
Chemistry experiment, star-crossed love in vain
Hazy recollection of what went down on Lovers Lane

I took a summer detour down a street called Lovers Lane
I’d make the same sweet mistake if I could do it again

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Kind of a switch for you Chip but it works well
Prob'ly bring back some, uh, fond memories ,for some folks

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Nice growing feeling of suspense in that gap between verse 1 and 2. Then had to forcibly restrain myself from reading ahead once I saw the word 'mermaid' - I knew this was gonna be much more fun letting you coax the story along, and I was right! But waiting for that little piano vamp to get out of the way was almost excruciating.
Really like the line "I fell hard and I fell fast".

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And ain't that a metaphor and half? Love the story here - very nice writing.

The delivery works, too - regardless of the tech problems. Some nice choices of chords, particularly in the end stanza. Nice one!

The keys tinkling, a story song with a twist, wow, definitely a different direction, and I like it!