What's In Your Market Bag?

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What's In Your Market Bag?



Liner Notes: 

I was going to record this one at the market where I perform most Saturdays. But then a banjo picker showed up and I ended up doing a short set with him.
I'm already thinking of how I can re-write this one a bit so I can play it on one of the occasions I perform at the beginning and end of the yoga classes I teach.


What’s in your bag, my friend – what’s in your market bag?
Mango and a bar of soap
And brotherhood and hope
That’s what’s in my market bag

What’s in your bag …
Brownie and a tamale
And sisterhood and harmony

What’s in your bag …
Potato and bromeliad
In with good and out with bad

What’s in your bag …
Pickles and some honey, too
Good cheer I will share with you

What’s in your bag …
Some seeds to grow a vine of love
Now I think I’ve filled it up enough

Seeds to plant in my back yard
Don’t seem like much but it’s a start

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This makes me smile-big! I love the food and soul food both in it! Nice.

Smart writing, Chip. I really dig this one. I liked how there is physical and metaphysical items in your market bag, but I also like the rhyming scheme, too - it all comes together deftly.

Hey, great one to play next week at the market Smile I'll bring a bag for " a tim-ah-lee" Smile

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Very good Chip
Got a bunch of good pilosophy in there
Home spun wisdom

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I have nothing to add except to say I love this. Smile I love how it's kinda sung, kinda spoken. Very vivid pictures painted in my head too. I wonder what brotherhood and hope and etc. actually look like. We need more of that kinda stuff on the shelf!

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Great song for a farmer's market! Kid friendly and the possibility for audience participation if you handle it right. You have a lot of fun rhymes there...