Someone's in my Salad!

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Someone's in my Salad!



Liner Notes: 

Just got back from several days of traveling. I feel seriously behind the ball on my 50-90ing, and the vocals are a bit low-energy, but I'm glad to have something up, and hope to get back in the groove in the coming days.

Inspired by this news story.


Someone’s In My Salad!
(c) 2016 Odilon Green

VERSES 1 & 2

I ate burgers or fried chicken for lunch each day
Until my doctor finally said enough
He said, “If you want to live to see your kids have kids
You’ve got to eat like a grown up”

So that was the end of taco lunches for me
Ham salad was right out too
As for meatball grinders and fries with cheese
Well I knew what I had to do

So every day I went to the grocery store
To buy a prepackaged salad bag
And as I’d pour my low-fat dressing, I’d try not to think
About how eating healthy is such a drag

Then one rainy Tuesday I picked up my fork
About to spear my first bite
When I noticed tiny eyes staring back at me
I don’t know which of us had a bigger fright


There’s a lizard in my salad
He blends right in with the greens
There’s a lizard in my salad
The strangest sight I’ve ever seen
(in my lunch)


I guess he hitched a ride east from Arizona
Where the lettuce in my salad was grown
I felt kinda bad for the little guy
So far from home, all alone

I put my new friend in some tupperware
With some greens on which he could chew
Then I went and got a double decker burger with cheese
‘Cause at least for today, salad was off the menu


There’s a lizard in my salad
He blends right in with the greens
There’s a lizard in my salad
The cutest sight I’ve even seen
(in my lunch)


My kids volunteered to give him a home
So I looked them each right in the eye
I said “this isn’t a game, it’s an animal’s life
If you don’t follow through, he could die.

Sometimes caring means doing things you don’t like
I eat salad to be here for you
Are you sure you’re willing to do what it takes
To take care of this lizard, to see this through?”


There was a lizard in my salad
He blended right in with the greens
There was a lizard in my salad
The strangest sight I’ve ever seen

There was a lizard in my salad
It was quite a surprise to me
There was a lizard in my salad
Now he’s part of the family

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A cautionary tale of responsibility dressed up (ha, dressing) in a fun tale of salad woe. I like the phrasing in the vocals and that story is a fun one straight through.

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Next time I opt for the burger instead of a sald, I'm just tell everyone there was a lizard in my salad. Thanks for the idea. Fun tune. Glad you're with us. Looking forward to more.

Is it a pop music romp or a tale of cautionary woe? Both?! Must be an Odilon Green song... and a good one. Smile

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I had to read ahead in the lyrics as I listened - awesome wordplay! And I love the 80s-ish bounce to the music. Delightful song. I clicked the link, too.

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Fun song! My only criticism is why would you put the lizard in tupperware? (tupperware is usually air-tight, would kill it)

So happy soundscape! I gotta try to create something like this too.

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If only they had been irradiated greens, it might have been a little Godzilla!

Very cute song. Smile

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The big-band arrangement on this is huge fun; it takes the song's humour in several directions at once.

One of my friends has a young daughter, who complained recently that something in her salad didn't taste very nice. It was *half* a caterpillar.
Yeah, double cheeseburgers all round, I think.

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well, i thought there might have been a bug in your salad, so it was surprising to see how the story twisted. you do that very well-- the m. night shyamalan of songwriting. and the moral in the bridge is very fitting. very cute song, and the music is extremely happy and catchy. it seems that you relaxed and i can hear your actual voice in this song, instead of a character, as you often do. good work.

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Lots of fun, but now I'm going to do a double take on my greens! The music is very uplifting despite the ruined meal....great song, very creative!

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Gosh, I've missed hearing your quirky sense of humour set to music, OG.

Couldn't sleep at pre 5am and found this - if you can make me smile at 5am you can do anything !
Absolutely loved it Smile

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Fun song, enjoyed listening and smiling Smile wonderful happy ending. Loving your lyric and music. Fantastic playing, singing and demo.