I Sure Hope Heaven Has Beer

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I Sure Hope Heaven Has Beer



Liner Notes: 

I imagine I've written an album's worth of beer songs over the years. I really like beer.


When I die, I hope I go
To a place where love does flow
Out of a tap like liquid gold
Into a mug so frosty and cold

I sure do hope that heaven has beer
That heavenly elixir that I hold so dear
Angels playing harps sublime and happy hour all the time
I sure hope heaven has beer

I haven’t lived the purest life
But I’ve been good to my kid and my wife
Hope that when I wake from my eternal sleep
I’m rewarded by a friendly barkeep

I sure do hope that heaven has beer
Crafted by a holy brewer so sincere
No light beer at the pearly gate, ‘cause no one needs to watch his weight
I sure hope heaven has beer

I been broke and I been bent
I did sin and I did repent
Hope that when I float across that great divide
I’m handed a chalice of Milwaukee’s pride

I sure hope to find that heaven has beer
When I make my angelic premiere
And baseball games, Octoberfests, all those places I love best
I sure hope heaven has beer

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Seeing as monastic ales are a thing, you'll probably be in luck! Really enjoyable song and a nice addition to your beer song collection.

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lol When i saw the title, I immediately thought of our drummer...and every line you wrote...I can hear our drummer sing... lol You guys twins??! Every musician needs a beer song, we've got a few, too, and you've concocted a great one! lol Enjoyed the listen! Smile

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Keeping it simple! Great lyrics and performance!!!

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Yeah, who needs Mogan David anymore - was too sweet for me - I vote for beer for sure! Thanks so much for this. The lyrics and music are what I've come to expect with your songs. Just awesome. Good work.

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Sounds like a Chip song all right
Real popular subject there. Oughta get lots of atention

Well that was fun !! Very catchy vibe, and both the melody and the chorus lyric are very hooky - great writing Smile

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great fun, as always! this totally works, as a song and as a recording, and perhaps a very hip beer commercial too! Smile

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Oooh this is great fun and I agree - I hope heaven has beer too!!! Smile

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Lots of fun, both lyrically and musically -- my toe was tapping, and I'm not even a beer drinker! Wink

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"angelic premiere" - that one cracked me up Smile
out of curiosity - do you also like "pretty good at drinking beer"?