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Liner Notes: 

There was a spider or insect challenge in 2014 50/90 I think. I got the idea then and wrote the first verse. Now it's all done as a part of Finish Friday Challenge started by @Powerstars.

Musically this harks back to a certain British band that started they career in the '60s. You may say: " Who?", but I won't tell you. Smile Lyrically ( and audio-wise ) it is a tongue in cheek tribute to the Universal B-movie Tarantula.



It's another fine mess
we got ourselves into...

A bomb went off
In New Mexicoff
the gamma rays
caused an awful change
Itsy bitsy spider
suddenly was higher than a house
itsy bitsy spider was now

It grew an grew
got angry too
and now we need
an infantry
but generals and majors
couldn't beat the nature's tangled web
generals and majors - a lunch for

No, we shouldn't have played with
nuclear atomic forces
No, we shouldn't have made those
radioactive sauces
Look at the mess it causes!

( audio interlude )

It's black and big
does a crazy jig
with hairy legs
an' slimy eggs
so you better watch it!
coz we really botched it good this time
You can only watch it go-go

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Oh Klaus! How creative this is! Fun, and after a B-movie! I love it!

So fun! Love the little story it tells. Audio interlude - two thumbs up.

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Hi Klaus! The lyric has some really singable lines and rhymes. I enjoyed the "black and big/does a crazy jig/with hairy legs/ and slimy eggs"! The audio interlude is cool and playful vocals. A fun challenge!

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Oh Who this is! Excellent portrayal of radioactive music here. Does so resonate with my musical upbringing. Spiders rock and TVee!

atitlan's picture

Credits music for a B-movie - I'm imagining Ray Harryhausen type animation for the spiders. Some great rhymes; 'but generals and majors
couldn't beat the nature's tangled web' was just one.

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Ha! Good writing and performance, too. You ought to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 and write theme songs for all those wonderful terrible movies! Pretty fun stuff.

kahlo2013's picture

Fantastic in all respects! Great groove, wonderful sound. and well written lyric that sends a strong message in a really fun way. Love the sound effects.

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I like the guitar progression and playing. Sounds good and it does remind me a bit of one of those 60's bands...

writeandwrong's picture

"With hairy legs and slimy eggs"!!! Yes! Oh, I love this all around! Great collab, a write that speaks strong words, and well performed! Great guitar work and love how the newscast is incorporated into it for added effect.

Powerstars's picture

Guitar playing is quite nice, very '60s pop, which is always nice! And you quite capture the vibe of one of those certain '60s bands...The lyrics made me smile a lot. I like how tongue in cheek it is, and the fact that it was inspired by a B-Movie makes it all that much better. I was really happy when you used a sample from the movie in there. Good work!

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Ha ha ha! I'm glad it happens in New Mexicoff and not here.

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The Who meets Brian Wilson, I'd say finally, cause it's quite a revelation. Extremely creative stuff, Klaus. Well done!

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Really catchy, with fun lyrics (love the "itsy bitsy spider") and a great retro feel. Love the "ooh!" and the sound clip!

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wonderfully done klaus!
the only spider pop song i know is boris the spider & this does sound very like Boris & the Spides from Mars Smile
i love all the bits of dialogue & screams & booms in it.....it is very entertaining & strongly melodic like all your songs with that little bit of crazy magic you give all your songs
i dont like spiders ..im sure they think its halloween every day ...they just love to jump out & scare me in their little costumes Smile

Very nice guitar work and what a range in the melody, +1 on @Kevin Emmrich Mystery Science Theatre 3000 reference, and a certain band hehe, nice finish!

standup's picture

Oh cool, a monster movie contained within a song. Great driving guitar riff, this is a fun song. I like the last verse, crazy jig and watch it go-go. The movie snippets in the middle are fantastic!

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I love the modulation in the middle. The chords are definitely Who like. The movie clip is a nice addition. I like the rhythmic change on the la-las at the end as well.

RalphCarl's picture

The only thing that would make this better is if the Three Stooges were still alive to star in the video.Great job.

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I didn't look at the other comments - The Kinks? Also, The Who did "Boris the Spider" in the '60s.
Great song, and I don't recall an insect challenge - maybe I'll try that. I've done a spider song and a dragonfly song.
Fantastic good fun in the vocal, and the strumming and chord changes are inspired, too. I love this! ("Hairy legs and slimy legs" just made my crack up!)

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This is fantastic. I love everything about it.