Half-Pound of Shrimp

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Half-Pound of Shrimp



Liner Notes: 

After posting about this in the "What are you eating?" thread, I had to make it a song! Another blues (my second already, and surely more to come), but on this one I did discover some new ways to play mandolin chords.
The line was out the door at the restaurant we wanted to try the other night, so we went to a familiar joint just down the dock. It's not really "the best spot on the beach," but I've had a lot of good times there (40th birthday party 10 years ago, for example).


Half pound of shrimp, big grin on my face
Underneath the bridge, tourists don’t know ‘bout this place

Half pound of shrimp, pitcher of cold beer
Just the remedy for the hottest day of the year

Half pound of shrimp fresh off the boat
Best spot on the beach – this place gets my vote

Half pound of shrimp, nowhere to go
Peel ‘em and eat ‘em, take it nice and slow
Peel ‘em and eat ‘em, watch the sun sink low

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Fine pickin there
Good eatin' is one of the finer things in life-along with good lovin'--Hmm, Musey thinks there's a hook in there--I'll persue the matter further
Good job , Chip

Nice tune. You've evoked a sense of place, and nostalgia.

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Hey this sounds great. Ok next I want a banjo and mando song together. I do miss getting that fresh off the boat shrimp from my North Ft Myers area days (use to cruise down Pine Island Road to Matlacha where the "shrimp boats tie up to the pilings"). Enjoyed my listen.

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Great bluesy groove that is very tasty given the subject and great mandolin. Fun food song that transports me to somewhere in the gulf. Enjoyed!

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Your songs make me hungry. Another tasty one. "Big grin on my face."