Gonna Celebrate My Wife's Birthday

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Gonna Celebrate My Wife's Birthday



Liner Notes: 

Most 50/90s, I write a birthday song for my wife. This morning as I lay in bed I thought of an idea, and then I got up and read the news of the Dallas shooting tragedy and its relation to recent police/suspect shootings in previous days. But I went ahead with the song anyway, hopefully turning it into a call for peace.


Today is my wife’s birthday
Lots of trouble in this big old world
But I’m gonna celebrate my wife’s birthday

Today is my wife’s birthday
Turn off the chatter, turn off the news
Celebrate my wife’s birthday

Today is my wife’s birthday
Gonna love her more than I did the day before
Gonna celebrate my wife’s birthday

Today is someone’s birthday
So love each other more than you did the day before
Celebrate someone’s birthday

Today is someone’s birthday
This old world keeps keeping on
And it’s my wife’s birthday

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It is a tragic world we live in, but what a great message to love. Love really is the only thing that makes a difference. Glad you were able to write something positive today.

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I am happy you did this. So much grief around and your love is inspiring and love, in the end, is all that is. Good one!

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Oh man! This reminds me its almost my wife's birthday! Thank you for that, and also giving me a catchy tune to keep in my head Smile

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Bittersweet sort of chord progression at first, which sort of fits the vibe of the lyrics. I like how the rhythm picks up and makes it happier after it's established that you're gonna ignore the problems of the world, to give your wife a good birthday. Sweet song!

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Great music! And yes, good to be reminded that we need to still look for and celebrate the lovely things in this world amid everything else going on. Nice sing along happy feel.

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Woke up to the news from around the world and felt horrible. Heard this song, and it turned my whole day around! I was singing happy birthday to your wife and life was good! Smile Thank you. Your genius shows in your lyrics and your music!

Was wonderful to hear this live in the yoga class she taught Smile

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Chip, the way you get the sound of your room in your songs always makes me feel like I'm right there. And hooray for positive, upbeat songs about the good things in life. Great fun!