You Are My Seasons

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You Are My Seasons

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This lovely lyric by @cindyrella gave me an inspiration. I was thinking about her 25 year marriage and decided I must do a sweet song with simple melody and arrangement instead of something gimmicky like I sometimes do. This way the sentiment in the lyrics come through better I hope.

Original lyrics with comments:


You Are My Seasons
© 2016 Cindy Prince

We’ve had so many years together
So many seasons circling round
So many blessings we have witnessed
So many wonders have been found

We’ve laughed so often that it’s heaven
Heard our children’s running feet
Even though there has been gains and losses
You have made my life complete

So now I’ll tell you….
You, my love, are all my seasons
Crimson red, and spring-like green
You, my love, are all my seasons
The cold, the hot and in between

We’ve tasted life in many ways
From newborn’s cry to totally grown
So many travels that have led us
So many wonders have been shown

again I’ll tell you…
You, my love, are all my seasons
Sparkling white, and summer blue
You, my love, are all my seasons
The cold, the hot and in between

You, my love, are all my seasons
Sparkling white, and summer blue
You, my love, are all my seasons
Amazing seasons of loving you
loving you
loving you

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That opening clav harks back to the sixties as much as the seventies - this retains the bouncy optimism of the 60s that started to evaporate ten years further down the line. Reminds me of early Kinks, this does. It comes across as heartfelt and totally genuine.

A lovely tribute!

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

You really captured the sunshine pop side of the 70s. Love that keyboard! Lyrics really flow well, particularly the chorus (Love the "crimson red, and spring-like green"). Nice collab!

cindyrella's picture

I am thrilled with this! It is better than I could have imagined-although of course, Klaus is a master and music and vocals! Thanks!

kahlo2013's picture

Loved the lyrics before and the 70s feel is perfect! Great chorus! Makes me smile!

atitlan's picture

Sweet lyrics and they really fit in that gentle 70s pop framework. The chorus is great - you can imagine a crowd singing along at a gig.

Peter Arvidson's picture

Dang man, this reminds me of Brian Wilson's later stuff. Your voice, instrumentals, and feel. I dig it!

johnstaples's picture

What a beautiful song! Klaus has really written the perfect music for this song! Klaus, I am LOVING your vocals! So tender and honest and pure! The melody you wrote is so lovely!

And Cindy, what an amazing set of lyrics! Sp touching and "You Are My Seasons" is such a wonderful way to describe your relationship! I bet Tracy is mighty proud of this (and of you!!) That chorus is so fabtastic!

Huge Congrats to the both of you! You can be really proud of this one!!!

Ferry Colyer's picture

This has an 'I just called to say I love you' feel, and that's good! Feel good stuff for when in love for sure! Nicely done, you both!

sam sorrow's picture

this is pretty great. the lyrics are really sweet and clever. and the music and vocal suit it so well. great collaboration guys.

spirulence's picture

You're a master of this form, Klaus! Great lyrics, Cindy! My favorite bit is the high note right at the end, a fitting climax for a song kept interesting with lots of mildly unexpected chordal movement.

katpiercemusic's picture

This is just lovely! The lyrics are great. I love the metaphor. The music is very catchy and well orchestrated.

Kevin Emmrich's picture

Pleasant pop song with fine production. You did a mighty fine job with cindyrella's happy and well-put together lyrics. Nice collab. Looks like you both are having and pretty good 50/90 so far.

writeandwrong's picture

Aww, this is so sweetly written and performed, just one of those nice, happy, pleasant songs. Personal and easily connected at the same time. Wonderful performance, and collaboration!! Kudos to both of you!! Smile

TheTau's picture

I like the sound of this simple arrangement, and a catch tune, Biggrin especially the chorus
And, Cindy - love those smooth lyrics
Russ Dance 4

levesinet's picture

It's a great song. Smile
Nice surprising chord change near the end of the chorus.

Yes, Cindy that's so sweet and Klaus you are so good on this you are the good guys. Fun! I especially like the way it takes off into the chorus with a clap and cool melody. Great job!

JamKar's picture

When I saw Klaus and Cindy, I simply had to tune in. Boy that is one sweet peach of a song! Lyrics and music made for one another. The sound put me in mind of some early Doug Sahm when Augie Myers was on keys.
Really cool tune!

darcistrutt's picture

This is a very sweet lyric and I enjoyed the easy delivery. Nice melody. The thought of your love blending together like the seasons is a nice image.

philmcmill's picture

Wonderful! Great collaboration! I especially like that subtle drop in chord in last line of the chorus.