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Liner Notes: 

EDIT: tatterdemalion... when i found it yesterday the source said it rhymed with "Italian" but now i find it should rhyme with "alien" so I have pronounced it wrong... shouldn't have been so lazy in my research... more scruffiness!


when i was a girl
i was a roughie, a toughie
a mucky puppy
ever so scruffy

i was chubby and grubby
shabby and scraggy
a bedraggled ramshackle

i just can't help being messy
i'm not very dressy
i prefer sloppy
hair floppy and moppy
a tumble of jumble
a rumpled and

i'm so scruffy
i'm so scruffy
i'm so scruffy
i'm so scruffy

in my garden
my brambles are a shambles
if you come in my car be wary
my seats are very very very very hairy
(i gotta dog! and kids come in my car and have snacks n that)

you won't be surprised
just how disorganised I am
no exaggeration
my discombobulation
i'm so untidy
both inside and outsidey

i'm just a messy leaver
oh i'm so scruffy - you can hear it!
i'm so scruffy
i'm so scruffy

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That was fun! Smile

Also, it would be so much nicer if kids only left hair in the car instead of all those crumbs.

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Lovely, gentle, rolling gem of a song.

The fact that it contains the words "ragamuffin" "tatterdemalion" *and* "discombobulation" means that you have automatically won Fifty/Ninety. It also means I need a better spellchecker, as it's currently underlining those words with red squiggly lines, which is a deuced poor show.

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Yay, wobbie is here to show that you can squeeze words with ridiculous numbers of syllables seamlessly into a song. This is great fun and the wordplay in the lyrics is just fantastic.

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I always enjoy your wordplay.
The 3/4 time somehow adds to the"scruffiness" of the song.
Great first tune!
Nicely done!

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Great, great lyrics ... I really love "bedraggled ramshackle ragamuffin"! Could be for both kids and adults. The tiny hint of melancholy adds lots of depth, and I like the very British singing. I'm scruffy, too!

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right on. great song "no exaggeration my discombobulation " is a cool rhyme I like the gentleness of the playing and the playfulness of the lyrics. cool.

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Love it. Love the use of one of my favourite words "discombobulation". What a great start to your 2016 50/90 adventure, I'm looking forward to more and more fabulous songs!

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This is a great catchy jingle jangle. The words made me laugh and gave me an awesome start to my work day Smile

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love the rhyme feast going on, just makes you wonder why rappers cant make sense!!!

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What a marvellously well organised picture of messiness, such sleek & tidy combinations of scruffy words!
You paint an attractive picture of a life I once lived, till it met its nemesis in the form of my impossibly organised wife & didn't stand a chance of continuing.
This is a charming song that perfectly captures the carefree joy of scruffiness. Much enjoyed.

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Those words are very cool, I like listening to them. Voice very enjoying and pleasant as always, slightly gritty as they are and still sweet. Lovely!

swaying to this lovely fun waltz on the jukebox

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Seeing the title I obviously thought this was about dog. But I wasn't much wrong if you think you were a puppy once. Smile
Really like the rhyming and how you manage to still tell a story with genuine emotion, making gentle fun of yourself. That's a winning combination I'll tell ya!

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Wobbie, this one put a great big smile on my face! You have such a way with words! And the melody is so sweet and I love your vocals on this!! The lyrics describe this so well...I just love this,

my seats are very very very very hairy
(i gotta dog! and kids come in my car and have snacks n that)

and how you talk part of it!! Such a great new song!

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Delightful! I like the humor in your vocal (and of course the lyrics), and the lilt of the guitar. There's also a soothing hint of bittersweetness in the chord changes. Wonderful all around.

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Scruffy and okay with it! Love that. Delightful wordplay, as usual. As Chip mentioned, the chord changes are something extra special, and combined with your easy waltz rhythm and sweet melody, there's a tug of emotion that I really enjoyed. It's resurrected a memory of Glen Campbell singing 'Gentle On My Mind'.

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The pronunciation works just fine for me. The recording sounds good and I like the lyric. It's a great subject that is often ignored and important to sing about, I think. At any rate, I'm smiling throughout the whole song and enjoyed listening.

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You are my favourite feelgood factor, Den!
This has put the biggest grin on my face. Biggrin
Everything about it is pure *win*. And there are no words to describe the degree of win you get for including "tatterdemalion" in a song! Biggrin

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Haha, what a great collection of words and rhymes. The recording is nice and tidy though - I half expected to hear a xylophone fall into earshot at the end or something.

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i love the way the groove tumbles along, goaded along by the word play, and the pause for a moment of ambivalence. it really is an effective shaggy dog tale!

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This is wonderful, for all the reasons already said by others.... great delivery of a witty and fun song!

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I love that you fit "discombobulation" into a song. And and "tatterdemalion", thanks for the new word. Love all the E sound rhymes. Plus " "very, very, very, very, very." Heh heh. I like when that happens. So fun and clever.

katpiercemusic's picture

This is absolutely charming! I love the word play... I don't mean puns...I mean it actually sounds like your playing with the words. So much fun!!!

darcistrutt's picture

The description of the hair was awesome! Enjoy your rhymes! Made me smile! I always enjoy listening to you sing. Ah well... Smile

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I really like the word play here - and the music fits perfectly!

And once again you come with the clever and fun all bundled in this little diddy. You are the bomb-diggidy osla!

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Ha! It's not offensive when one says this stuff about oneself. But what if it was? I'd love the chance to avoid and ignore myself for being a rude git! Smile
Song made me smile and think. Fun.

standup's picture

Great cascade of images! I can picture this person. Love untidy/outsidy rhyme, and the messy leaver. And actually, the signoff with "oh well" is rather perfect. I had a dog several years ago now, and my car still has traces of her here and there. Getting another dog soon, it's time. I enjoyed your song.

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This is an adjective wonderland!! There is no way anyone could not understand what It is about and it makes me feel scruffy just listening to it. I always like how I feel you are speaking to each listener, I feel the reason your work is so well liked is because it always taps the listener on the shoulder and they are sitting beside you while you tell them a story and that intimacy of how you sing a song to the listener is wonderful, now I need to shed this scruffiness and move onto the next song...

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Wow!! Points for the masses of imagery and descriptive vocabulary you managed to fit into this - what a cool word tatterdemalion (did I spell it right?) is. Loved it Wobs. The heartfelt yet simplistic setting was just perfect for this song xx