Brushing Off the Dust

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Brushing Off the Dust



Liner Notes: 

Why are instrumental titles so difficult? Original title is "Shaking Off the Rust," and even with the updated title I wish I could come up with something better.
The idea is that my banjo skills are rusty/my banjo is dusty and this is my song to brush up on my picking. Get it?

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This has a great sound-but since I am lyricist I am not the best to ask. Nice!

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Ah! some Bluegrass!! We need more Bluegrass. It's been neglected
Well done

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I love bluegrass--pick that banjo! Yehaw!

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Yea, I don't play my banjo enough (or my guitar, ukulele ... or what not). In fact I don't think I only pick it during FAWM and 50/90 for a couple of songs here and there -- so I can relate to this story. But that is what is great about 50/90 -- we just do things.

Oh, your playing sounds good to me, but it is good that we aren't competing with Bela Fleck!! The song layout keeps the interest up, too. Good one.