Foggy (as San Francisco)

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Foggy (as San Francisco)



Liner Notes: 

I'm having a strange time with words at the outset of this 50/90. Probably because I'm neither here nor there. The song sort of reflects this feeling, but is mostly just a result of forcing a titular roll, into a melody that I like. And the #Week1 adjective challenge, of course.

Titular is one of the muse tools and it spits out random words.
It said:

foggy as alabama
grey & act
any sad sickness
translation to fence
the physics courageous arrival

I don't know much about Alabama, so I followed the fog to California.

Also some of this lyric is due to a lot of preoccupation with the ideas on this thread:


It takes a lot
Of bravery
To save the day
And act on your words
To guarantee
A window seat
And prove
The translation is pure
The whole idea
Of recompense
Makes no sense
It’s over the fence
There isn’t much
But you have a hunch
That that heart of yours
Is foggy as San Francisco
Always in grey mist
Oh why go
When there’s no going home

Any sad
Sort of sickliness
Is just a wish
For a beautiful cure
Home is where
The heart resides
But deep inside
You’ve never been sure
That everything
Is still the same
As it ever was
Before the tour
And between all these
Arrivals and departures
This heart of yours
Is as foggy as San Francisco
Always in grey mist
Oh why go
When there’s no going home

But in your defence
This weak pretence
Shows a crazy kind
Of courageousness and allure
To fend for your own self
Face the physics
Like you did before
You were foggy as San Francisco
Always in grey mist
Oh why go
When there’s no going home

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i find the melody very XTCish, which is always a plus in my book. says a lot, in the remembering of an affair now past. i hear a whistling solo out, myself, but your ending is very satisfying as well. i like the ambiguity-- it has a showtune/standard feel to it that fits the subject well.

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The chorus is so great - love the melody, the high notes. Very cool!

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Nice chord movement and melody. Really enjoyed the lyric and delivery. Really nice tune!

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This is really lovely! The words are musical in themselves and pair so well with the melody.

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This is a great waltz! It has a bit of a Parisian flair to it, but I really like the chorus and that funky little chord progression in it and that dissonance on anymore! Way to subvert expectation!

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A waltzy and melodically romantic sound. I like what you've done with the lyics and song structure. looking forward to more Wink

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I agree with tsunamidaily. I definitely got a show tune feel, like I was watching a black and white movie where a guy is chasing a girl around San Francisco with a flower. That high note in the chorus is awesome! I like how the melody of the verses are frantic, balanced out by the mellower chorus. A nice balance. Good stuff!

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Love the rhythm of those short lines, and the melody is fantastic. The shift up to falsetto got me every time, lovely stuff!

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A truly beautiful mandolin waltz! And having lived in the San Francisco bay area I can attest to the foggyness! I really love how you sing "Always in grey mist"! This is a really excellent new song! Great work!!

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What's going on in the chorus? That descending chord sequence (with a diminished in there somewhere?) baffles me, delightfully. Anyway, it's beautiful, like something from a Jacques Demy film. Needs accordion!

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Such nice tenor vocals here that are framed with that waltzy mandolin! Really beautiful after work music for my afternoon!

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The turn into foggy in San Francisco is really nice, it really shifts the mood. Ikeep thinking I'm going to bust the mandolin out for a FAWM event, but I heven't yet , this might push me over the edge.

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Great tune, and wonderful mandolin work.
Nice vocal performance.
Lovely lyrics.
Enjoyed muchly.
(yes I know "muchly" isn't a real word)

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Of course I love the mandolin - used in a non-bluegrass context, which I always find interesting. And I really dig the vocal - storytelling and melodic. Had to finish reading the lyrics before listening - I started reading, and they are so poetic and compelling.

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I really love the chords/melody, this has an interestingly meandering, vaguely gypsy jazz feel. that progression in the chorus is particularly unsettling and wonderful. I also like the contrast of the eloquent lyrics with the sparse instrumentation.

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Loved the vocal on this and a very nice melody, I was just loving my listen. So simple and allows the vocal and lyric to shine, this is wonderful!!