Said father to Kate

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Said father to Kate




Liner Notes: 

Really rather silly, but isn't this fun?

13/07: Demo added by Klaus. I hope you like Finnish Waltz. Of course you do. Everybody likes Finnish Waltz.

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Yes, Stephen, we sure do like our Waltzes. Maybe this was in my mind when demoing "Kate" :

It's "Kultainen Nuoruus", or "Golden Youth" by Henry Theel. I have played this song couple of times in weddings and hospitals dementia wards. It's a classic.


Said father to Kate
'You arrived very late
Kept us up until seven AM

We were worried, you see
Your poor mother and me
I don't want this to happen again'

'But father', said kate, said kate, said she
'It never can happen again'

Said father to Kitty
'A terrible pity
You always were good as a lass

But there's no debating
That you kept us waiting
'twas truly a pain in the ass!

'But father, said kitty, said kitty, said she
'It can never again come to pass -

Dear father, I swear, as sure as I'm here
It can never again come to pass'


Said father to katie
'Your burden was weighty
We didn't know what we could do

It felt like a crime
To go through it one time
I don't think our hearts could take two!'

'But father, said katie, said katie, said she
'It never again can ensue'

Said father to kat
'You know where my heart's at
All wounded and rent into chunks

You've hurt me and mum
Perhaps the time's come
For you to start packing your trunks!

'Oh father', said kat, said kat, said she
Desist with this being a dunce -

For pity's own sake, please give me a break
I can only be born bloody once!


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My mother was a poet, and wrote so many wonderful whimsy works like this Smile Made me misty eyed a bit, you reminded me of her Smile Thank you!

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If silly it must be, so silly it shall be. I can hear it going in 3/4 time. Some sort of old English folk/vaudeville maybe. I think I might have a melody for this. I'll send you a rough demo by the end of the week shall I?

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Ta-da! Smile-worthy. I hope Klaus follows through, I would like to hear it.

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First of all, great to see you and to read your intelligently crafted lyrics and thank you very, very much for all your wonderful and that supportive comments, coming from a "master of language" like you, they mean a lot to me...
These lyrics have a perfect flow and even for an (unfortunatelly) musically less talented person like me, it is very easy to "hear" a melody here... I am looking forward to Klaus´ version of it!

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i love the rhythm and flow - love the said kate, said kate, said she parts - and the payoff is wonderful Smile well-deserved flourish

Clever! Nicely done. Smile You can feel the lilt to the music in the words.

hi Stephen, I know Klaus may already be creating a version but I wonder if I might also be allowed to have a pop at this one? I have dumb musical idea (totally removed from Klaus's) that in my head sounds like it might work but we'll see.

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This is great fun. Bouncy and jaunty, and with real personality injected into the characters (father, Katie and the narrator).

I particularly like the direction the song takes when Kate gets her right of reply ('But father..' etc.). It's nice to drop the pace a little in a word-heavy song, and it sets up the mystery hook (how can this never happen again?) very well.

The song feels very 'full', and well-bolstered by the instrumental segments and layering. I didn't know much about Finnish Waltz before hand, but I will be investigating it further forthwith.

Thanks for this!

I love how lyricists can write words which bear such disparate interpretations, musically...which seem each to work in their own brilliant way! Hooray for the Finnish waltz styling to this one. I like! Biggrin

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Awww, how fun and creative on both parts! I absolutely love this little ditty! Well written lyrics and the music and vocals are perfectly set to them. Kudos to an amazing collab!!

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i commented before this demo was up. i liked the other demo too but in a totally different way i like this one just as much. love the finnish waltz treatment and the returning melody on the said katie bits. lovely job.. Smile

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Man oh man...I LOVE this Finnish Waltz!!! Such clever lyrics and so well structured! And I was starting to get it when I got to this "I can only be born bloody once!" and...all was revealed! Did I mention very clever? Well, it is!

And I am a HUGE Klaus fan. The music for this waltz is simply delightful! Your vocals are (as always) totally charming and also delightful! This song sounds like it has always been around as I hear it for the very first time. This is the mark of great songwriting!

Congrats Gents! Both of you should be proud of this one!!

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I enjoyed this! Once it got to the end, I had to go back to see the story unfold again to take it all in! Very cleverly written. Klaus' music and delivery is very entertaining! I think the Finnish Waltz is a great choice. Every line has a natural rhythm and the music complements the lyric so naturally! Great collab!

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Great fun, musically and lyrically. Made me smile throughout, and nod my head to that unmistakably Finnish waltz rhythm! Smile

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Love it! Whimsical, I'm waltzing while I'm listening. Clever rhymes and word play.