Poor Young Jake

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Poor Young Jake



Liner Notes: 

This morning I went for a run in a park that has a tourist train running through it. The track crossings have humorous warning signs - the last two lines come from one of those signs.


Young Jake got married
So proud was he
Of his lovely wife named Anna Lee
Bow and rifle at his side
Hunting honeymoon supper for his bride

Followed train tracks
like he knew he should
So he wouldn't get lost in the woods
Crossed those tracks without looking
Who's gonna eat his widow's cooking?

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Love that mountain sound. The train crossing warning is super funny. Poor Jake. Poor Anna Lee.

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Poor Jake! Reminds me of my time in Arkansas. Love everything about it!

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Love the banjo and old time music
Gotta write me an old timey lyric

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Nice smooth banjo work and good vocals. There's a song idea everywhere you look if you actually just look! Nice tune. I'll break the banjo out before 50/90 is sang and done.

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Really nice. I'm a sucker for the banjo.
Reminds me a little of Roscoe Holcomb, but, you know, his voice is like two octaves higher.
Great mountain feel to the banjo line here.
Good work!

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Yay! Banjo FTW. I also love that you have a whole story compressed into a few lines.

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Inspiration really does lie around everywhere, we just have to learn to see it, don't we? Loving the banjo playing, too.