Pickle My Beans

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Pickle My Beans



Liner Notes: 

During 50/90 and FAWM, thoughts come to me in the form of blues lyrics. So as I cut up some homegrown beans for pickling, this one popped into my head.
I was going to record it a cappella. But then I was picking the guitar and came upon a sped-up version of a riff from a Dylan song (know which one?), and the lyrics fit.


Gonna pickle my beans ‘cause beans are what I got
So they start out sweet and finish hot

Gonna pickle my beans so I can eat ‘em later
I can grow a bean but I can’t grow a tomater

Gonna pickle my beans, they’re purple and they’re long
Make your taste buds sing a torch song

First you gotta let ‘em grow
As long as your wrist to your elbow
Then step out into the sunshine
Pick those beans right off the vine

Gonna pickle my beans, that’s what I’m gonna do
Later on, I’ll share them with you

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Oh wow! Love the guitar work. Almost wanna hear it on a pawn shop guitar with warn out strings and hardly any laquer and a bent neck for that crossroads "muddy Chipster tbone brokejaw Withrow" sound Wink And your lyrics are sufficiently bluesy and contain both melancholy and sadness without sounding morose, leading into the happy ending of sharing the beans! Love it quite a bit. thank you for this!!

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Vintage Chip all right
Love the hook
well done

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Another creative idea for a song! The riff may be from a Dylan song, but it fits perfectly here. Good work.

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Really good country blues, Chip! This should be performed out.

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My sister makes really good dilly beans! Your title really drew me in, and your lyrics and tune are fantastic. I love your percussive beat and the little guitar runs. This would be a great song to sing at a farmer's market!