When You're ...

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When You're ...



Liner Notes: 

Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk/poet/activist/teacher, once wrote a piece about mindfulness that has inspired and influenced me greatly - even as I struggle to live by his words. To paraphrase: When you're washing the dishes, be washing the dishes. Be present in that moment.
So I extrapolated from that. And since one of my 50/90 goals is to re-learn my once-competent banjo picking, here's my first banjo song of this 50/90.


When you’re making your tea be making your tea (2x)
Don’t be thinking ‘bout what may be

When you’re washing a dish be washing a dish (2x)
Don’t be thinking ‘bout your birthday wish

When you’re filling a glass be filling a glass (2x)
Don’t be thinking ‘bout how all things pass

When you’re tying your shoe be tying your shoe (2x)
Don’t be thinking ‘bout all you got to do

When you’re combing your hair be combing your hair (2x)
Be aware, be here, not there

When you’re eating a peach, be eating a peach
Still trying to learn what I teach (2x)

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When you're playing your banjo be playing your banjo

When you're riffing on mindfulness ... hang on, that's getting a bit wordy!

Great idea and congrats on your first banjo song, really enjoyed it.

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Man, it makes me wish I had the time to settle back and just listen to songs when I'm listening to songs.

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Love that saying Chip.
A ton of truth in it and as you say, hard to live by
A lot of people, maybe most, kinda drift through life but never really "live" it-what they call "sleepwalking through life"
Well done

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How timely, I'm practicing mindfulness lately, and this song will be a great addition to my playlist - a daily mantra Smile Thank you! I LOVE the banjo picking! Regular Roy Clark there Wink Seriously, nicely done!

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Nice banjo work here.
Great lesson; I try to be present in my life at all times.
The repetition makes it seem like a sing-along (which is a good thing).
I bet that kids would enjoy this one.

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What a lovely earworm-song with a great sing-along-feel! The repetitions work excellently here... Some beautiful wise words... Awesome banjo!

Great lessons here but hard to do (which is why I usually can't find where I put my keys....cause I wasn't putting my keys, I was...um....something else) Smile
Enjoyed the listen and always good to hear your songs.

Catchy! When you're writing songs, be writing songs......