I Am a Wildebeest

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I Am a Wildebeest



Liner Notes: 

10 years ago, I wrote a song called "Gnu Gnu":

My daughter pronounced the "g" when she began reading. So I turned that into a song, and that led to three years of writing mainly kid-and-family folk rock. I recorded two albums and played a whole lot of gigs in parks, rec centers, bookstores, libraries, and festivals.
Last night I decided to re-visit in song that esteemed animal.


I am a wildebeest
On wild grass I feast
‘Cross open fields I roam
Savanna is my home

I am a gnu – silent g
No lion’s gonna catch me
I migrate west to east
I am a wildebeest

Can’t be hyena food
So I’m a pretty quick dude
Hooves on the ground, horns pointed high
A wildebeest am I

A wildebeest I be
See me on safari
Or watch me on your Jungle Cam
A wildebeest I am

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Great kids song
I can see kids wanting to learn it so they could sing along at daycares and such
A good one

Love the groove and percussive slap. Not enough tunes on the wildebeest. Yeah!

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Excellent kids song! This would be a favorite at a camp singalong!! Love the guitar strumming and that little percussive thing you are doing too! This might work for yoga too...downward-facing wildebeast or saluting lion maybe? Smile Great work! Really enjoyed my listen!

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That hook is dangerous. I was earwormed by this on one listen. Great job!