Never Cross That Line

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Never Cross That Line




Liner Notes: 

I usually like to start off FAWM or 50/90 with something completely wacky and fun, but my plan is a little different this year.

Matt Farley of Motern Media fame — man of 18,000+ songs — challenged his listeners to write their own album using all 70+ titles from his upcoming album I’ve Never Left My Hometown.

Coincidentally, I’ve been thinking I really want to push myself to see if I can keep up a steady stream of 1-hour songs where I worry less about getting things “right” and more about getting things “done" (as well as, hopefully, improving my singing and skill set from sheer volume of effort).

So I’ve decided to accept Mr. Farley’s challenge. During 50/90, in addition to whatever else I hope to accomplish, I’m also hoping to spend basically an hour every day working my way through Matt’s titles. I'm going to shooting for no more than 2 minutes per song.

And I’m also hoping to tell a semi-coherent story while doing it.

So here’s the first track, wherein we meet our hero, whose defining characteristic seems to be a steadfast refusal ever to leave his hometown. And we also learn of a heartbreak in his past…

As per the plan, this took just about an hour (OK, about 1.25 hours total, but just because I was getting in the swing of things). Song number two tomorrow! (Unless I give up already.) All songs in this album will be tagged with #NeverLeftHometown .

I’m also hoping, maybe, to do the first song in my separate “Toystory the bull” cycle tomorrow.


Never Cross That Line
(c) 2016 Odilon Green


If you look on a map
You'll see encircling my town
A solid black line
I wish I could see on the ground

So I'd know just how far
I can walk before I’m in
Someone else's town
Somewhere I’ve never been

I'll never cross that line
I'll never leave my home
This town's been good to me
I've got no urge to roam


They say your home
is wherever is your heart
I know that that's a lie
I knew it from the start

My beloved wanted to leave town
To further her career
She followed her dreams
My home is still here


I'll never cross that line
I'll never leave my home
This town's been good to me
I've got no need to roam


She didn’t ask me to go
She knew what I hold dear
She left with my heart
My home will always be here


I'll never cross that line
I'll never leave my home
This town's been good to me
I've got no urge to roam

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Nice jumpy little tune
Yep, there's much to be said about one's home town where you knew everybody and everybody knew you

wyatt's picture

Nice, jumpy little tune,
Yep, there's much to be said about one's home town where you knew everybody and everybody knew you

What a clever idea to keep the creative juices flowing. I do like the construction of the track, chord-structurally, too. Cheers!

stuartbenbow's picture

Interesting idea for a songwriting project. The overarching project of telling a story across a lot of songs reminds me of a project a friend did, a bluegrass opera. Smile Anyway, I liked the quirky nature of the tune, and the bouncy feel of the instrumentals. Can't wait to hear more of the story.

tcelliott's picture

Two song cycles? TWO? You're talking about two on the first day? My goodness, some people have ambitions.

That being said, I really like the idea you are working with. I'm looking forward to following the story and I think you've started it off nicely.

katpiercemusic's picture

Interesting idea and a sad ending to your story! I look forward to hearing more from you this year!

tsunamidaily's picture

very nice. i like the disconnect between the peppy tune and the agoraphobic lyric. because the lyrics are so uniform in stress, i would try to get the scansion a bit stricter-- leave out the "I" in the last line of the first verse, making the line "Wish i could see on the ground," for instance. and, in "My beloved wanted to leave town," i would leave out "town," which makes it scan properly and introduces a near rhyme. but i am truly amazed at what you have done in such a short time, and these are suggestions for later editing, of course. great first song of 50/90! i'm looking forward to hearing the rest of your adaptations of his songs. rock on!

johnstaples's picture

What a lovely start! I thoroughly enjoyed my listen! Delightful music and I am always charmed by your vocals! Now, it feels like 50/90 has officially started! Great work and I look forward to What Is Next!!

Ohh quite different to your usual. I was expecting humour and got serious lyrics Smile The words are really cool and flow well, especially considering how fast it was all done !

Mt.Mélodie's picture

A mellow and melancholic song, very nice, it's not what I expected from you after hearing your more fun and wacky songs in The Song Skirmish group. Pleasant surprise, looking forward to hearing the rest of this story.

musicsongwriter's picture

Very cool and funky, enjoyed listening very much. Loving your lyric, music, singing and playing. Home happy feel.

Very relatable song to me. The chorus had quite an impact on me as for craftmanship. Pleasure to listen to!

Vom Vorton's picture

Love those twinkly little piano arpeggio bits! Well done on getting off to a strong start - I may have to peruse that list of song titles for inspiration!

sam sorrow's picture

I love this. the intro drew me in and the story is really well told. despite the happy sound it's a really sad song! I like the line about wishing the black line on the map was visible on the ground too. nice

atitlan's picture

Much simpler recording that I'm used to hearing from you - nice piano arpeggios. Great start to the story and the switch from "I'll never ..." to "He'll never ..." with the extra vocal was a nice touch.

corinne54's picture

I like the transition to the chorus and I can hear what would be a very lovely melody for the whole piece - This could really be expanded into a full fledged song.

Chip Withrow's picture

I listened to your second song first, and had to check out this one - interesting concept.
Another fine musical treatment - I like the piano work a lot. I want to follow this character you've created - he reminds me of a guy from a Steinbeck novel I read a long time ago, The Winter of Our Discontent.

kahlo2013's picture

Agoraphobia rationalized so delightfully well! Fun melody and love juxtaposition of its upbeat feeling with the quirky lyrics.

Kevin Emmrich's picture

Surprisingly I have never heard of Matt Farley, so I will have to look him up. You are great with these themed approaches to song writing.

Actually I think we should do an intervention and kidnap the guy and have him wake up far from his town. Then we can hear about his struggles to make it back home (or maybe he never makes it back because he discovers something else).

TheTau's picture

The Emotional feel is well covered in this one.
Sort of a fear of the physical, because of too much internal thinking.
We all have some of this lurking in there somewhere
Russ Clapping

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Really warm and fun, and I love it when you shift over from "I" to "He" ... clever and weird!

Arthur Rossi's picture

What a lovely little song with quite an unusual topic... Very creative and made me smile... reminded me of that time when I was doing civil service when I met an old couple that told me they had never left that town where I went to school... something I could not imagine at all... but the hero in your song is even more extreme than them... Smile Such a lovely start!

wobbie wobbit's picture

love the concept of the line. really interesting story telling and i like the musical number feel of it... especially the mock chorus "he'll never" Smile

tamsnumber4's picture

OH WOW, I KNOW this story.... I love the story-telling idea and am looking forward to see how it all is written out...good luck with your personal challenge!

yam655's picture

It's a nice start. I'm looking forward to how the cycles play out. Smile