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Mr B and Mr C - God Only Knows



Liner Notes: 

Just finished working on an album collaboration with Antipodean funster Mr B, who does not 50 the 90, so no way of flagging his contribution.

Here is "We are in Business", track by track for your listening displeasure.

Will be on Bandcamp soon(ish).

Words by Mr B, music by Mr C.

Not the Beach Boys song.


Pay your money, for salvation
There’s no way that you won’t go to hell
This position, it is written
But your redemption is something we can sell

I am a believer, and so I am pious
I am a human, and so I have bias

Your in trouble, if you don’t do
Things that our good books says that you should
I have morals, because I read them
Otherwise there’s no reason to be good

I want peace and I want love and
I want you to do everything I say
Just shut up and eat that stuff so
It’s not you that we have to hate


No violence! Unless we tell you too!
Always hope! But remember the damnation you were born into!
Pray that your soul is saved! But don’t prey for those dying in other lands!
Ask our god for success and wealth! And then feed it into our hands!

Don’t question my words or my deeds
And just like sheep you will be unaware
Until after you have been fleeced


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