Random Zong

On Holy Ground

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Liner Notes: 

This songs seeks to remind me if no one else of the tenuous relationship we have with the universe and the Earth, given our small micro issues. Trying to remember each day the miracle of the planet and the universe shouldn't be a challenge each day but it is.


On Holy Ground:

Wasting away, thinking it’s true
Can’t believe your not thinking it too
The hours getting late for following crows,
I wonder why we don’t realise we live on Holy Ground.

Making the peace, bowing deep down,
For turning my back on a World so profound.
Cannot explain just what I’ve found
I truly believe I live on Holy Ground.

Standing so still, the breeze on my face,
not inside or out but in every space
Walks in the evening alone and profound
As I rest so easily on Holy Ground.

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