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Sweet zeal

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Liner Notes: 

Thoughts that never turn into action. Playing this scene out many times but would never do it for real. If I saw Jack I’d probably just be perfectly pleasant. Then go straight back to plotting all over again.

Lyrics: glyne3
Vocal/music: Steven X Davies


I’ve been sent in deep undercover
On a mission for revenge
You won’t see me coming
Until the very end.

The voices in my head
Control what I do next.
Unpredictable, but soothing.
They spell danger for the rest.

That knife in your back;
It didn’t come from me.
I’ll look you dead in the eye
When I make you bleed.

You could try to make amends
But it’s far too late for that.
Vengeance will prevail
I’m coming for you Jack

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