Basement Basics

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Basement Basics



Liner Notes: 

I learned to play a little drums a few years ago as part of ladies rock camp but sadly rarely have practiced. A couple of us from LRC formed a little group and we practice once a month or so and play just a few gigs a year - usually I play cajon out. Still learning my way around a kit. And still learning to stay steady. Gray cool summer day so good time to retreat to basement and beat away and get some practice in. Just have iPhone sitting next to me so very low fi basic one take recording which is totally sufficient to for my basic skill level.

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Your drumming sounds pretty to me! I once tried to play them, but wasn't very good. Love the title!

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Drums are fun. You sound great. I wish I could play like that. It just kinda cuts off at the end there.

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your timing is solid, and i love those ringing cymbols and echoing toms.