Tiny White Stars

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Tiny White Stars



Liner Notes: 

Sun Jul 24 0001 GMT. Finished with lyrics 0039 GMT. Why am I acting like this is a skirmish and I only have one hour to complete it?


Walking the dog after the rain
Thirsty desert soil drank up all the water
Dog laid down in the shade
I knelt to pet her, and noticed the flowers

Tiny white stars cover the ground
I lay back and let them surround me
Gaze as the clouds drift lazily by
Tiny white stars fall down on me

Sweet and fragrant up in the tree
Gnarled desert branches covered with the blossoms
Half hidden in the leaves
I would have missed them, tomorrow forgotten


Angels danced invisible around me
To heavenly anthems I could barely hear
Glowing in a shaggy green sky
Thank God and the dog that we stopped
Didn't pass by


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indeed... lots of evocative imagery here. cool!