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Liner Notes: 

Feeling the need to crash into some words.
LyriCloud helps with that.
Semi-nonsense, with a splash of relationship.

If anyone wants to add music, be my guest! (Frankly, I’d be very surprised, but you never know.)

And if anyone wants to play along and create your own before you read mine, for the fun of how different they can end up, here’s the wordlist:

ash begin belly dear ear elastic hear hordable ice incredible lights lookie man mo moldin nice plate prefer silky smooth somethin thigh thing tomahawk unforgettable unit

I didn’t manage to use all of them; 5 leftovers.

Feeling oiled up now!!


Let’s begin something – unforgettable
I’d prefer silky smooth and incredible
But I can’t hear
(thigh in my ear)
So just be nice
(and) I’ll call you “dear”

Let’s look into something – unaffordable
A box with wings, cuz everything strikes me as hoardable
Elastic walls
Gold-plated stalls
A throne of ice
For when nature calls

Belly laughs
And large giraffes
Are not my scene;
Fire pits
Ash in my grits
Am I molding you into a dream?

Let’s not spin this, a crash is unavoidable
The Sandman came, but the light’s still so enjoyable
So let’s be spoons
Slip out like little moons
in crescent, ever present
(then) waxing awkwardly too soon

[odd little instrumental moment]

Let us end something – unforgettable
Silky smooth – and not a moment regrettable...

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Wow. This is an impressive bit of wordsmithery given the words you had to use. Smile A nice exercise to get the brain flowing but also, I think, a usable (if surreal) lyric!

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There’s something that feels both irreverent and surreal as well as with little hints of truth peeking out where I should be able to make meaning if I were smarter. Great use of the words. The bridge made me smile and the moon bit made me wonder.

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really good. it can easily be musicated it has a very discernible rhythm.

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Sometimes it's hard to rhyme a lyricloud. Nicely done!
The bridge is my fave. "Am I molding you into a dream?" is a GREAT line.