Closed for Business

Closed for Business

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Liner Notes: 

It is now early enough that my children have arisen -- much to their own dismay. (They're also sleepy and want to still be sleeping.)


I wanted to sing another song.
But I found I was closed.
Closed for business.
No such song I could compose.

There were no songs in my head.
Nothing at all.
Except that old, old sign
that said, "Closed."

Closed for business,
no songs here.
Closed for business,
drink your own beer!

You can mope in your own home,
because we are closed.
There's nothing for you here.
No, no songs here!

We are closed!
Yes! Closed for business!
There are no songs escaping
from this place today.

Why do you think
that some songs should slip away?
We are closed, closed, closed for business.
Now! Now you know!

And! If you think that you want to open
the business of making some songs,
why remember this! Remember this!
For we, yes, we are closed!

Closed for business!
We, yes, we are closed!
We're not opening anymore.

Closed all up!
There's no body, body here!
Closed all up!
We're entirely, entirely closed.

How do you want to close a business?
We usually just flip the sign.
I have heard that some people
instead burn the whole building down.

But that seems so, so excessive
when we can bring the dragon out.
And if you think of opening the door,
we'll burn you, burn you up.

So remember! Remember!
We are closed for business!
Remember! Remember!
Do not try to slip inside
or the dragon will gobble you up!

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ha ha i think we both liked that one! good skirmish mate - if you can call two a skirmish more like a dance Smile

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"so, so excessive" I think you've used that before and it makes me smile. You have a way of understating a thought or idea. I think the idea that "some people.. burn the whole building down" is pretty insightful and absolutely true. And using the dragon image brings all sorts of analogies to mind.