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Liner Notes: 

As part of my concept album, this song is to be sequenced between "Unique Leavin' Outsider" and "I'm All Out of Ideas, prelude".
This song was inspired by a speech my friend made, about how he "had no friends in primary school" and battled social anxiety.
The song has a sparse instrumentation, consisting solely of acoustic guitar, vocals and a harmonica instrument sound from my Casio keyboard.


On the last night at the end of the play
We were all gathered in the green room
The polite audience sat silently
Our expression was in full bloom

You stood up and gave your emotional speech
Those dark corners of your mind you could reach
I've never at all seen that dark side of you
But anxiety is a barrier you can push through

Light shines bright on your shadow
That doesn't reflect your true self
Delusions of grandeur are merely transcendent
Sometimes I feel the same myself

All of us are one and one of us is all
Every one of us hides under a disguise
Eventually your facade is imminent to fall
Nothing's left once you look to the skies

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I like the six meter feel and especially like the melancholy contemplativeness of the casio keyboard sound outro... the lo fi recording gives it an intimacy that suits the lyric. Something in what you're doing reminds me of Mazzy Star, or maybe Yo La Tengo.