Autumn Waltz

Autumn Waltz

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Liner Notes: 

Felt like a waltz this morning. Needs pretty music and vocals.


Autumn Waltz
© 2021 Cindy Prince

I'll always remember
You holding me closely
We swirled around
Like leaves falling down

I'll always think of you
My sweet one and only
Every Autumn after
With leaves on the ground

Hold me one more time
The season is ending
I know you loved me
But you have to go
The nights come early
I'll be ever so lonely
But think of me fondly
When the leaves start to blow

I'll dream of you
And the two of us dancing
It was a magic time
That ended too soon

I'll be reminded
When Autumn is advancing
I'll relive it often
Every harvest moon

Repeat chorus

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nice lyrics here, love the image created of you and the other person swirling around like leaves falling down. nicely done!

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A lovely write, I can hear a pretty waltz for this one.

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Such lovely images. Wonderful feel and movement in the lyrics. The beauty and magic of love is wonderfully conveyed.

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this is beautiful! Great lyric and feel!