There is a Smoke without a Fire (needs music)

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There is a Smoke without a Fire (needs music)



Liner Notes: 

Thank you @Scubed for a very interesting prompt. I've been thinking about the phrase "There is no smoke without a fire" for many years so your prompt helped me find the opportunity to write something.
If anyone is interested in creating music please let me know. My poem is open to tweaking.
Thank you for comments, sharing thoughts and suggestions.


There is a Smoke without a Fire
Lyrics ©2017 Nadia Cripps

People say there is no smoke without fire
I'm not sure this phrase rings true
Bad words can come from a liar
Which can easily manipulate our view

Don't believe everything you hear
Don't let the others influence your decision
Ages ago it was described by Shakespeare
This was long before we had television

The tragedy which wouldn't happen
If Otello trusted Desdemona, not Iago, his false friend
Instead he commited his crime of passion
Leading to a very gruesome end

Believe me there is a smoke without a fire
It has been proven again and again
Bad words can come from a liar
Who is eager to poison any brain

Don't let the evil win
Let the real truth come out
Our task is to begin
To think before casting any doubt

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Really interesting take on this skirmish Nadia! I love how you question the old "wisdom" that where there is smoke there is fire!! You correctly show how that is not always the case! Love the rhyme of liar and fire (I have to rhyme those in a song soon!!) And I LOVE that very last section! I want the truth to come out about a lot of things in my country right now because we have a professional liar as our leader! Nice job on the skirmish; I enjoyed my read very much!

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Nice one, Nadia. The last verse is particularly strong.

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Quite impressive, especially under such a tight deadline. I hope you find the right music for it.

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What a creative take on the skirmish prompt, and what a great message! Really nice work, Nadia!

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I like how Shakespeare got weaved into the story thread, nice!

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This is really good, Nadia! You are every bit as good of a lyricist and storyteller as you are a pianist! That first verse could be put on a shirt or plaque, it is that good.

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Wow! Pointed and powerful with wonderful word play and metaphors! Brilliant!