Would I Be Considered Odd?

Would I Be Considered Odd?

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Liner Notes: 

My internet's been off more than on today so to pass the time I wrote a quirky song.


Would I Be Considered Odd?
© 2020 Cindy Prince

If I walked upside down
And downed right side up
If I rode around on an ostrich
And drank lava from a cup

If I high dived in a puddle
And drove up to the moon
If I always ate with my feet
And only went to bed at noon

Would I be considered odd
If I didn't speak but only nodded
Would people turn away
If my lips were made of clay
Would people look and stare
If I had Marge Simpson hair?

If I lived in an old western
And had a calico face
If I got home before I left
And ran backwards in a race

If I slept with a jar of Jiffy
Ate grass that has been mowed
If all my friends were turnips
And I talked in secret code

Repeat chorus

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Well ya know, it seems like you can make up your own reality these days, so I'd say, no, not too odd.
These lyrics remind me a bit of some of Daevid Allen's more bizarre lyrics for Gong.
I can hear this as a silly kids' song.

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Kinda how I feel sometimes so yeah, umm I mean no Smile

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This is fabulous. So fun, so concise, so you.

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Funny and right for pointing a gentle finger at our social stresses. Sharp writing!