Titlesort descending Tags Songwriter Collaborators Comments Post date
plainwhitetoast's picture
video braid instrumental, basement winnerplainwhitetoast the Catalytic Perverters 1 4 months 1 week
the pannacotta army's picture
link Break It blues, jazz, Acoustic the pannacotta army Stephen Wordsmith 21 6 months 3 weeks
tcelliott's picture
Demo Break It (T.C. Version) collab, singer songwriter, singersongwriter, Acoustic, one take, onetake Donatedwinnertcelliott Stephen Wordsmith 9 6 months 2 weeks
phylo's picture
Demo Breaking News Narration, Not Really HipHop Donatedphylo 5 6 months 5 days
metalfoot's picture
Demo Breathe Deep mandolin, one take acoustic Donatedwinnermetalfoot 7 6 months 1 week
Purple Catfish Bro's picture
link Breathe on Me Breathe on Me, cyberrock, mrblitz winnerPurple Catfish Bro 2 5 months 1 week
Dragondreams's picture
Demo Brekke instrumental, rough sketch, Unfinished, literature-inspired, fictional character DonatedDragondreams 7 4 months 2 weeks
Roddy's picture
Demo Bright Star Haiku, s090620, skirmish, songskirmish, feast, brightstar DonatedwinnerRoddy 14 4 months 3 weeks
johnstaples's picture
Demo Bright Star s090620, skirmish, bluegrass, Americana, Folk, Country Donatedjohnstaples 14 4 months 3 weeks
AndyGetch's picture
Demo Bright Star s090620, skirmish, songskirmish, feast, brightstar, midi, semi-improv DonatedwinnerAndyGetch 14 4 months 3 weeks
Marilisa's picture
link Bright star Acoustic, ukulele, s090620, skirmish, songskirmish, feast, brightstar DonatedwinnerMarilisa 10 4 months 3 weeks
Roddy's picture
Demo Bring an umbrella piano, jazzy DonatedwinnerRoddy 2 4 months 1 week
rorowe's picture
video Bring It Down ukulele, protest song, Colorado Donatedrorowe 2 6 months 3 weeks
dzd's picture
link Broke ss071020d, superskirmish, skirmish winnerdzd 6 6 months 2 weeks
dzd's picture
link Broke Pt.2 winnerdzd 6 4 months 4 weeks
wacha's picture
Demo Broken Free 80s, Mysterious, synth, reverb Donatedwacha crisp1 8 6 months 1 day
Robyn Mackenzie's picture
Broken Heart Syndrome songfight, pop, sad DonatedRobyn Mackenzie 15 4 months 2 weeks
metalfoot's picture
Demo Bromine periodictable, acoustic one take Donatedwinnermetalfoot 5 6 months 5 days
Candle's picture
Demo Bronze instrumental, experimental, Rock, Live-To-Tape, Jeskola Buzz, alternate tuning winnerCandle 3 6 months 1 week
Roddy's picture
Demo Brussels and Paris Travel, memories, Paris, France DonatedwinnerRoddy kahlo2013 7 6 months 2 weeks
pipewrench67's picture
link Bug Out Drone Alone pipewrench67 3 6 months 6 days
thelowestbitter's picture
link Build electronic, instrumental, collab welcome thelowestbitter 8 6 months 1 week
headfirstonly's picture
Demo Built On Sand wildtrack, thunder, piano, Spitfire LABS, instrumental, BBC SO Discover, Discover, all the reverb Donatedwinnerheadfirstonly 6 5 months 2 weeks
plainwhitetoast's picture
video bull in a butchershop instrumental, basement, improvisation winnerplainwhitetoast the Catalytic Perverters 2 4 months 6 days
tcelliott's picture
Bullshit Jobs acoustic punk, Punk Donatedwinnertcelliott nancyrost 15 4 months 3 weeks
JWHanberry's picture
Demo Bunglesome ss071020d, blues, odd-meter DonatedJWHanberry 6 6 months 2 weeks
tcelliott's picture
Demo Bunnyhopping Drum And Bass, crap art, crapart, nursery rhyme, CoT, Circle of Titles Donatedwinnertcelliott 6 6 months 2 days
Jerry Pettit's picture
video Burning Old Love Letters DonatedwinnerJerry Pettit 7 5 months 2 days
Wolf Kier's picture
link Bury Mary Wolf Kier 16 5 months 2 weeks
The Lung God's picture
link Burying My Whole Soul in the Ground existocore, nooture, plucky, lavender DonatedThe Lung God 3 5 months 3 weeks
sph's picture
Demo Busy but clueless bass, instrumental, finger exercise Donatedsph 2 3 months 3 weeks
Johnny Cashpoint's picture
Butt butts, but ... Punkelele winnerJohnny Cashpoint 1 5 months 3 days
cleanshoes's picture
link By My Side Folk, singer-songwriter, collaboration, whistling cleanshoes crisp1 15 5 months 2 weeks
phylo's picture
Demo By Way Of Introduction week1, Introduction Song, instrumental, bluesy Donatedphylo 18 6 months 3 weeks
philmcmill's picture
Demo C'est La Vie pop, alterego Donatedwinnerphilmcmill 3 4 months 1 week
marvsmooth's picture
link Cake cake ukulele fun short marvsmooth 6 6 months 6 days
Johnny Cashpoint's picture
Demo Cakeburner Punkelele, rap, odd winnerJohnny Cashpoint 1 5 months 3 days
Gwyn Jones's picture
link Calalara Folk, Zest For Life, Beauty, solo, Demo DonatedwinnerGwyn Jones 6 6 months 1 week
Johnny Cashpoint's picture
Demo Call It a Draw Punkelele, Punk, song fight winnerJohnny Cashpoint 1 4 months 3 weeks
OdilonGreen's picture
Demo Call Me Whisker G week1, introduction, ukulele DonatedOdilonGreen 15 6 months 3 weeks
Pearlmanhattan's picture
Demo Call to Dance electronic, ambient DonatedPearlmanhattan 11 6 months 3 weeks
Jyllian's picture
video Campfire Jyllian 1 4 months 3 weeks
philmcmill's picture
Can Wait Till Tomorrow jazzy Donatedwinnerphilmcmill 5 6 months 3 weeks
Amanda Rose Riley's picture
video Can You Still Remember December? Acoustic, acoustic one take, girl with guitar, songs about 2020 winnerAmanda Rose Riley 1 4 months 6 days
tsunamidaily's picture
link can't get over you Country tsunamidaily 1 3 months 4 weeks
mike skliar's picture
Can't say we don't lack experience pandemic, blues, harmonica, guitar Donatedmike skliar 10 5 months 3 weeks
Gwyn Jones's picture
link Can't Stop Me From Having Fun collaboration, Drinking, Virtual Party, Country, Demo DonatedwinnerGwyn Jones TheTau 15 6 months 3 weeks
plainwhitetoast's picture
video cancel my birthday instrumental, basement, improvisation winnerplainwhitetoast the Catalytic Perverters 2 4 months 1 week
phylo's picture
Demo Cancelled Plans bluesy, Acoustic, 1-4-5 Donatedphylo 8 6 months 3 weeks
LisaMarie777's picture
Demo Cancer, Go Away! girl with guitar, Acoustic, punk rock, acoustic punk winnerLisaMarie777 3 4 months 3 weeks