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LisaMarie777's picture
Demo You're Not Bob Dylan girl with guitar, snarky, Punk, punk rock winnerLisaMarie777 8 6 months 2 weeks
Edward Roussac's picture
You've Left guy with piano, Rock, loss, friendship, love winnerEdward Roussac 1 3 months 3 weeks
fresh spotless youth's picture
Your Bumper Sticker Might Lack a Certain Sense of... Underground pop Donatedfresh spotless youth 13 5 months 2 weeks
MarkG's picture
link Your Face Behind the Mask Tony Bennett style, BIAB DonatedMarkG 10 5 months 2 weeks
tcelliott's picture
Demo Your Love (Truly Amazing Challenge) fakeit, Rock, full band, love Donatedwinnertcelliott 9 6 months 6 days
headfirstonly's picture
Demo Your Privacy is my Limiting Press Freedom odd-time-signature, current affairs, politics, censorship, BBC SO Discover, Discover, arturia, mellotron Donatedwinnerheadfirstonly 5 4 months 2 weeks
Roddy's picture
Demo Your saddest child Parents, piano DonatedwinnerRoddy 3 4 months 2 weeks
IA's picture
Demo Yours Now piano, pop, Rock, vocals, drums, love song DonatedwinnerIA 7 4 months 2 days
cleanshoes's picture
link Zanesville Bridge Week3, Folk, indie, Americana, singer-songwriter, harmony cleanshoes 15 5 months 3 weeks
coreystewart's picture
Zap! dance like a dancey thing, pop, bootyshakin, electric Donatedcoreystewart cindyrella 4 5 months 2 weeks
Candle's picture
Demo Zed's Couch, Eh? Post-Rock, experimental, shoegaze, Week2, Week3, Canadian, Jeskola Buzz winnerCandle 3 6 months 2 days
Candle's picture
Demo Zee's Sofa, Y'All Remix, experimental, Week2, Week3, Jeskola Buzz winnerCandle 3 6 months 1 day
metalfoot's picture
Demo Zeroing In one-take-acoustic, Week3 Donatedwinnermetalfoot 9 6 months 6 days
Scubed's picture
Demo Zig-Zag Rag Week3, ragtime, ukulele, silly DonatedScubed 7 5 months 3 weeks
metalfoot's picture
Demo Zirconium periodictable, lofi, guy with guitar Donatedwinnermetalfoot 4 3 months 3 weeks
wacha's picture
Demo Zombies Don't Care week 3, zombies, allegory, ukulele, letter z Donatedwacha 11 5 months 4 weeks
Alex von Gestern's picture
Zusammengehören (To belong together) indie, chanting, synth, german, bassline, atypical, effects Alex von Gestern 1 4 months 1 day
Marilisa's picture
Τα μωρά της Μόριας (The babies of Moria) Acoustic, political, guitar, non-English lyrics, Greek DonatedwinnerMarilisa 4 4 months 1 week
marthienel's picture
video ‘Many Blessings’ Jy sal altyd die leiding neem(... Afrikaans ballad piano female voice Religious winnermarthienel 1 6 months 1 week
marthienel's picture
‘n Laaste maal(one last time) Afrikaans, ballad, piano, female, voice winnermarthienel 1 5 months 2 weeks