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Alex von Gestern's picture
link Abhängige Übermenschen german, e-guitar, indie rock, loud, angry, critical Alex von Gestern 10 6 months 2 weeks
metalfoot's picture
About Me week1, partial capo, Acoustic, harmonies Donatedwinnermetalfoot 23 6 months 3 weeks
lowhum's picture
Demo ABOUT THE END WITHOUT BEGINNING indie-jazz-motown-ballad, psychedelic, existential lowhum 5 6 months 2 weeks
metalfoot's picture
Demo AC Troubles travelogue, acapella Donatedwinnermetalfoot 4 5 months 1 week
Roddy's picture
Demo Accent robbery spoken word, piano, improvisation, accent, growing up, Scotland DonatedwinnerRoddy 5 4 months 2 weeks
plainwhitetoast's picture
video acceptance improvisation, basement, instrumental winnerplainwhitetoast the Catalytic Perverters 3 5 months 4 weeks
JWHanberry's picture
Demo Accidental Dreamer s080220a, instrumental DonatedJWHanberry 10 5 months 3 weeks
alyxanderjames's picture
Demo Ace of Pentacles Acoustic, Folk, octave mandolin, 78 songs, tarot Donatedalyxanderjames 5 6 months 2 weeks
metalfoot's picture
Demo Across the Prairies acoustic one take, travelogue Donatedwinnermetalfoot 6 5 months 2 weeks
Johnny Cashpoint's picture
Demo Adele In the Car Punkelele, trippy, still fast though sounds slow winnerJohnny Cashpoint 1 4 months 1 day
Saltyjohn's picture
Demo Adriana slow blues, instrumental winnerSaltyjohn 2 4 months 2 weeks
metalfoot's picture
Aether acoustic guitar, collab, whistling, week5 Donatedwinnermetalfoot cleanshoes 10 4 months 4 weeks
standup's picture
Afraid Rock, evil, satan, Garage, cramps, bigsby Donatedstandup 8 4 months 2 weeks
Wackamoose's picture
link African Style Wackamoose 1 6 months 2 weeks
philmcmill's picture
Demo After A While pop, alterego Donatedwinnerphilmcmill 1 4 months 1 day
phylo's picture
Demo After The Outbreak Acoustic, drop D, quarantine, hopeful Donatedphylo 5 6 months 3 weeks
deadhead's picture
Demo Aftermath - i1-3 improv piano deadhead 1 6 months 3 weeks
IA's picture
Demo Afternoon Tides not-surf-music, waves, easy, electronic, electronica, synthpop, vacation, chill, synth, happy DonatedwinnerIA 9 6 months 3 weeks
dzd's picture
link Again winnerdzd 6 6 months 3 weeks
Purple Catfish Bro's picture
link Agency mrblitz, Agency, cyberrock winnerPurple Catfish Bro 1 4 months 3 weeks
JWHanberry's picture
Demo Ain't My First One s072502a, acoustic one take DonatedJWHanberry 6 6 months 4 days
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Ain't Nobody Gonna Clean Our Mess ukulele, blues, old-timey DonatedwinnerChip Withrow 7 5 months 2 days
adamh's picture
link Aint Moving winneradamh 1 4 months 3 days
Elesimo's picture
Demo Air glow music, fiftyninety, op-z, instrumental DonatedElesimo 5 6 months 3 weeks
RalphCarl's picture
Demo Airplane Mode acoustic rock DonatedRalphCarl 7 6 months 2 weeks
marthienel's picture
video Al die klippe is blou Afrikaans ballad piano female voice winnermarthienel 2 6 months 2 weeks
Zeekle's picture
link Alaskan hideaway ss092520Y, skirmish, super skirmish, ss092720Y DonatedZeekle 5 4 months 21 hours
thelowestbitter's picture
link Alcohol & Propranolol electronic thelowestbitter 5 6 months 6 days
AndyGetch's picture
Demo Alien Peace Panda guy with guitar, acoustic guitar, baritone DonatedwinnerAndyGetch 5 5 months 4 weeks
coreystewart's picture
Demo All I Need Is You pop, love song Donatedcoreystewart Donna Devine 7 4 months 4 weeks
Marilisa's picture
link All of the places we'll go singer-songwriter, ukulele, ss071020a, superskirmish, skirmish DonatedwinnerMarilisa 13 6 months 2 weeks
dzd's picture
link All Over winnerdzd 3 4 months 3 days
lowhum's picture
Demo All There Is Waltz, jazz, Acoustic, mandolin, existential lowhum 4 4 months 2 weeks
tcelliott's picture
Demo All These Lies ss071120k superskirmish, skirmish, singer songwriter, singersongwriter, Acoustic, one take, onetake Donatedwinnertcelliott 7 6 months 2 weeks
marthienel's picture
video Almost famous winnermarthienel 1 4 months 2 weeks
unpronounceable's picture
Demo Almost Through The Heart instrumental, synth, beats unpronounceable 1 4 months 2 days
Adnama17's picture
Demo Alone and Betrayed rock role-reversal betrayal loneliness DonatedAdnama17 tcelliott 3 3 months 4 weeks
Jerry Pettit's picture
video Already July protest DonatedwinnerJerry Pettit 6 6 months 2 weeks
Adnama17's picture
Demo Alright blues lo-fi phone-recording one-take alright ss071220Q DonatedAdnama17 12 6 months 2 weeks
Candle's picture
Demo Alternative Stories experimental, Frippertonics, Mobius, Live-To-Tape, Jeskola Buzz winnerCandle 7 6 months 1 week
Gwyn Jones's picture
link Always Chasing The Song Songwriting, collab, Cooper/Jones, Country Rock, solo, Demo DonatedwinnerGwyn Jones Jibbidy34 24 6 months 3 weeks
Fuzzy's picture
Am I The A**hole? ukulele, kazoo, internet-arguing DonatedFuzzy 19 6 months 4 days
pipewrench67's picture
link AmaFela Log Drum, Tremolo Signal, Afro pop, Amapiano, Give it to him pipewrench67 3 5 months 3 weeks
lowhum's picture
Demo AMANGADADOO afro-pop lowhum 2 5 months 2 weeks
burrsettles's picture
video ambient post-rock ambient, electronic, eurorack, guitar, instrumental burrsettles 1 4 months 3 weeks
bunter's picture
Demo American Hero Americana, week1 ballad singersongwriter Donatedbunter 6 6 months 2 weeks
JamKar's picture
Demo Americana I DonatedJamKar 4 6 months 2 weeks
dzd's picture
link Among the Living horrormovietitle winnerdzd 8 6 months 2 weeks
AndyGetch's picture
Demo Amtrak Midnight Auto Train ss071120o, superskirmish, skirmish, midnight train DonatedwinnerAndyGetch 6 6 months 2 weeks
Edward Roussac's picture
link Amusement Park drums, bass, guitar, organ, instrumental, Rock winnerEdward Roussac 1 5 months 1 week