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Elesimo's picture
Demo 50 chances music, fiftyninety, op-z, instrumental DonatedElesimo 2 6 months 1 week
metalfoot's picture
Demo 50/90's Done uke, voice Donatedwinnermetalfoot 9 3 months 2 weeks
A.Eye's picture
link 6/6 The Call cinematic, edm, electronic music A.Eye 5 5 months 2 weeks
Tim Fatchen's picture
link 8AM Rain film music, classical, chill, Neoclassical-Chill DonatedwinnerTim Fatchen 7 4 months 3 weeks
Roddy's picture
Demo 9-1-1 Blues blues, piano DonatedwinnerRoddy srcoops 7 4 months 1 week
LisaMarie777's picture
Demo 90s Biking Girls punk rock, girl with guitar winnerLisaMarie777 2 5 months 2 weeks
Roddy's picture
Demo A 50/90 Song piano, 50/90, meta, Latin DonatedwinnerRoddy 11 6 months 2 weeks
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Demo A Beautiful Thing Pop rock Donatedwinnerphilmcmill 4 5 months 2 weeks
Jerry Pettit's picture
video A Better Angel Country DonatedwinnerJerry Pettit 5 5 months 4 weeks
kahlo2013's picture
Demo A Better Day Morph4, girl with guitar Donatedwinnerkahlo2013 3 4 months 4 weeks
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link A Boy's Job indie rock/pop Donatedfresh spotless youth 12 4 months 2 weeks
mikehex's picture
Demo A Brief History of my Interactions with Women of... Donatedwinnermikehex 3 6 months 3 days
metalfoot's picture
Demo A Cold Day in August travelogue, partial capo Donatedwinnermetalfoot 5 4 months 4 weeks
Jerry Pettit's picture
video A Cold-Looking Moon DonatedwinnerJerry Pettit 7 5 months 4 weeks
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Demo A Complete List song skirmish, 12 string, travelogue Donatedwinnermetalfoot 2 4 months 3 weeks
AndyGetch's picture
Demo A Complete List Week2, song skirmish, 12 string guitar, 12-string guitar DonatedwinnerAndyGetch 2 4 months 3 weeks
JamKar's picture
Demo A Dark Horse DonatedJamKar Kristi 9 5 months 3 weeks
metalfoot's picture
Demo A Day In Lieu 12 string, acoustic rock Donatedwinnermetalfoot Stephen Wordsmith 8 4 months 19 hours
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Demo A February's Worth of Songs improvised, folk acapella, needs transcribed Donatedwinneryam655 1 4 months 4 days
Gwyn Jones's picture
link A First Time For Everything Country, Father, Parent, Son DonatedwinnerGwyn Jones 23 6 months 2 weeks
metalfoot's picture
A Good Friend randomcollab, Acoustic, whistling Donatedwinnermetalfoot coolparadiso 19 6 months 1 week
headfirstonly's picture
Demo A Great Wall instrumental, non-western scale, guitar, synth Donatedwinnerheadfirstonly 4 3 months 4 weeks
OdilonGreen's picture
Demo A Humble Suggestion for Making the Most of These... Rock, synth DonatedOdilonGreen 23 6 months 2 weeks
metalfoot's picture
Demo A Hundred Clips trombone, rap, comfortzone Donatedwinnermetalfoot Stephen Wordsmith 11 5 months 3 weeks
Dragondreams's picture
Demo A life in the day of... bassfirst, instrumental DonatedDragondreams 8 5 months 2 weeks
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link A little experiment for you to try at home Limited frequency pipewrench67 5 3 months 4 weeks
LisaMarie777's picture
A Living Cliche girl with guitar, Acoustic, punk rock winnerLisaMarie777 2 5 months 2 weeks
AndyGetch's picture
A Long Way From Equality collaboration, fingerstyle guitar, acoustic bass, gender equality, sustainability, 12 string guitar DonatedwinnerAndyGetch Tabitha L. 5 4 months 2 weeks
Tim Fatchen's picture
link A Love Story...? [FT] music hall, duo-piano, bad puns DonatedwinnerTim Fatchen metalfoot 5 4 months 2 weeks
Candle's picture
Demo A Meandering Frolic Alternative, alt rock, Live-To-Tape, Jeskola Buzz winnerCandle 2 4 months 3 weeks
katpiercemusic's picture
Demo A Mighty Tune recorder, teacher life Donatedwinnerkatpiercemusic 8 4 months 5 days
katpiercemusic's picture
A Million Little Ways political, ukulele, one shot, catharsis, working through my shit Donatedwinnerkatpiercemusic 9 3 months 4 weeks
Calum Carlyle's picture
Demo A Night Time Blues self-indulgent, Acoustic, blues, guitar, instrumental, acoustic one take Calum Carlyle 4 3 months 3 weeks
LHCisco's picture
link A Place Where I Belong acoustic and vocals, acoustic singer songwriter, harmonies LHCisco 3 4 months 6 days
Fuzzy's picture
Demo A Plague Of Singer-Songwriters spoken-word, Melodica, acoustic-guitar-hell, menace-to-society, headphones DonatedFuzzy 32 6 months 1 week
tcelliott's picture
Demo A Present For You Rock Donatedwinnertcelliott 6 4 months 4 weeks
atitlan's picture
link A Raft and a River odd-time, Utopia Avenue atitlan 2 5 months 4 days
Dragondreams's picture
A ripple in the mind's eye instrumental, plank-spanking, short, chair yoga DonatedDragondreams 4 4 months 6 days
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link A Sea of Strings A.Eye 9 6 months 2 days
AndyGetch's picture
Demo A Self Portrait s082320, skirmish, songskirmish, feast, selfportrait, acoustic guitar DonatedwinnerAndyGetch 13 4 months 3 weeks
Jackketch's picture
A Short Punk Song About People Who Refuse To... Punk, covid-19, shouty, sweary Jackketch 5 5 months 3 weeks
headfirstonly's picture
Demo A Sorry State nonet, orchestral, BBC SO Discover, Discover, politics, current affairs, omnishambles Donatedwinnerheadfirstonly 18 4 months 4 days
standup's picture
Demo A Walk spitfire, orchestral, soundtrack Donatedstandup 6 6 months 1 day
metalfoot's picture
Demo A Walk acoustic-one-take, merlin Donatedwinnermetalfoot 5 6 months 1 week
wacha's picture
Demo A Warm House ballad, Acoustic, singer-songwriter, Folk Donatedwacha 8 5 months 1 week
standup's picture
Demo A Year of Tuesdays Rock, plague, pandemic, hudsonics Donatedstandup 10 5 months 5 days
rorowe's picture
video A'ole Nui (No Big) ukulele, guy-with-ukulele, singer-songwriter, Colorado Donatedrorowe 3 6 months 1 day
Edward Roussac's picture
link A-part Blues blues, piano, Rock, bass, electric guitar winnerEdward Roussac 1 5 months 3 weeks
marthienel's picture
video Abbakind religious, Afrikaans, ballad, piano, female, voice winnermarthienel 2 5 months 4 weeks
cts's picture
Demo ABCs rap, pop, girl-power Donatedcts nancyrost 2 3 months 2 weeks