Title Tags Songwriter Collaborators Comments Post date
tcelliott's picture
Demo The Ways I Mistreated You acoustic, One take, country Donatedtcelliott 1 1 hour 59 min
Roel van Veldt's picture
link Sparkle singer-songwriter Roel van Veldt cindyrella 2 4 hours 47 min
AndyGetch's picture
The Three Of Us Tonight acoustic guitar, electric cars, closing number DonatedAndyGetch 3 11 hours 43 min
AndyGetch's picture
Demo Greenhouse acoustic one take, one track, tenor banjo, electric cars, alcohol DonatedAndyGetch 2 13 hours 5 min
thisisbeckyw's picture
Demo When You Think of Me acoustic, one-take Donatedthisisbeckyw 2 13 hours 8 min
Valerie Cox's picture
Demo Trapped For A Minute trap, electronic, Instrumental DonatedValerie Cox 4 14 hours 10 min
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Waltz for Banjo and Harmonium Instrumental, banjo, harmonium, Waltz, minor key DonatedChip Withrow 4 15 hours 35 min
Trendall's picture
link Two Lovers acoustic, singer-songwriter, capo, dropped d Trendall 3 15 hours 48 min
tcelliott's picture
Demo Toilet Paper Math acoustic, One take, toilet paper, Humor, Funny Donatedtcelliott 5 15 hours 52 min
Klaus's picture
Demo Moon Over Us Ballad, moon DonatedKlaus DeannaSweidel 8 17 hours 8 min
lowhum's picture
Demo MOUNTAIN HOPS Instrumental, Psychedelic, mandolin, loops&jam, hills&field lowhum 2 17 hours 22 min
Fuzzy's picture
Demo Ineffective Parenting Techniques weirdo, bad-parenting, true-story, James-needs-new-parents, headphones DonatedFuzzy marvsmooth 9 19 hours 11 min
amusia's picture
Demo My Car Is Loud amusia 3 19 hours 32 min
3tdoan's picture
video A prayer too late environment, baritone ukulele Donated3tdoan 5 19 hours 33 min
jcollins's picture
Demo This Song Is Number 45 60s, i dont know Donatedjcollins 7 19 hours 42 min
metalfoot's picture
Demo Alcohol FB Songskirmish, partial capo Donatedmetalfoot 4 19 hours 49 min
sph's picture
Demo Push-start the weekend bass, drums, guitar, Instrumental, lyrics wanted, stems available Donatedsph 2 19 hours 49 min
katpiercemusic's picture
Demo Leatherman local history, round, Folk, mountain dulcimer Donatedkatpiercemusic 5 22 hours 21 min
Edward Roussac's picture
video One Minute Track #17 daw, electronic, one minute Edward Roussac 3 1 day 8 min
Tim Fatchen's picture
link Forever Curvy musical, fawmstock, theater, roadfear DonatedTim Fatchen darcistrutt 6 1 day 2 hours
coreystewart's picture
Demo My Everything Is You piano song, piano pop, love song Donatedcoreystewart kahlo2013 5 1 day 5 hours
mike skliar's picture
Slavery (the engine that drove American... political, Protest, Folk, historical Donatedmike skliar 4 1 day 9 hours
pfoo's picture
Demo To Action Donatedpfoo 3 1 day 9 hours
thisisbeckyw's picture
Demo Maribel acoustic, one-take Donatedthisisbeckyw 3 1 day 10 hours
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Here We Are At Happy Hour Electric Piano, Piano, drinking DonatedChip Withrow 7 1 day 11 hours
AndyGetch's picture
Demo RESS Isolation Stress _J2464 blues_ song skirmish, skirmish, one take acoustic, acoustic bass, weird effects DonatedAndyGetch 4 1 day 11 hours
Elesimo's picture
Demo Surprise tag 4-track cassette challenge DonatedElesimo marvsmooth, wobbie wobbit, Vom Vorton, 4-track tape collaboration 4 1 day 12 hours
Pearlmanhattan's picture
link Finding the binding Instrumental Pearlmanhattan 2 1 day 12 hours
jcollins's picture
Demo Universal Rock Band rock Donatedjcollins 5 1 day 20 hours
Susan Cantey's picture
Demo Reach Out for Jesus gospel DonatedSusan Cantey 3 2 days 37 min
Susan Cantey's picture
Demo I'm a Woman Pop rock DonatedSusan Cantey 4 2 days 42 min
spirulence's picture
Demo What if Colors were Sound? electronic, colors spirulence 4 2 days 9 hours
g2slade's picture
Demo Trailer Park rock, comedy, Humor, Southern Rock, punk, fun, Earl, Just Kidding But Am I Really g2slade 2 2 days 9 hours
Adnama17's picture
Demo Step This Way self-skirmish, girl-with-guitar, one-take, lo-fi, think-for-yourself DonatedAdnama17 6 2 days 10 hours
ductapeguy's picture
Demo Mountaintop Folk, FUC, ukulele, acoustic-one-take ductapeguy 3 2 days 10 hours
Jyllian's picture
video Peace Out Jyllian 3 2 days 12 hours
TomS's picture
Demo Magic 8 Ball Says Short Punk DonatedTomS 7 2 days 12 hours
Joanne Gabriel's picture
video Summer Nights Neoclassical-DarkWave, Ambient Joanne Gabriel 2 2 days 12 hours
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Back to Banjo banjo, minor key DonatedChip Withrow 5 2 days 12 hours
marvsmooth's picture
link Take Off Your Sombrero instrumental acoustic rhythm Donatedmarvsmooth 4 2 days 15 hours
katpiercemusic's picture
Demo Winter Catches Up jazz, trumpet Donatedkatpiercemusic 7 2 days 16 hours
Klaus's picture
Demo Something New acoustic, hip-hop, love, autumn, Seasons DonatedKlaus Kristi 6 2 days 17 hours
jcollins's picture
Demo Can't Get Back To Sleep I don't know Donatedjcollins 4 2 days 20 hours
headfirstonly's picture
Demo Flailing Prog, full production, swing, bass, reverb, more reverb, a whole bunch of guitars, did I mention reverb Donatedheadfirstonly 3 2 days 20 hours
CorinneLucy's picture
Pretty Bones Folk, acoustic, guitar, girl with guitar, acoustic guitar, death DonatedCorinneLucy 5 2 days 22 hours
plainwhitetoast's picture
touching on the sickness basement, social commentary Donatedplainwhitetoast the Catalytic Perverters 2 2 days 23 hours
plainwhitetoast's picture
Demo doppelganger basement Donatedplainwhitetoast the Catalytic Perverters 2 2 days 23 hours
plainwhitetoast's picture
Demo gun lover basement, improvisation, social commentary Donatedplainwhitetoast the Catalytic Perverters 1 2 days 23 hours
Edward Roussac's picture
video One Minute Track #16 blues, rock, experimental, one minute Edward Roussac 1 3 days 3 hours
metalfoot's picture
Demo Too Many Tabs slackchat collab, mandolin Donatedmetalfoot Chandra83 7 3 days 9 hours