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Okay, so April 4th of this year I put out my debut single "Dab (On Dem Haterz)" right? Many of you might remember it. I even paired it with a music video!

Well since then, despite 20+ blog features, two magazines, worldwide radio play, and me spamming every single human being on the planet I can possibly reach, I've reached 10,000 plays. Or have I?

You see, I've now been OVER 10,000 plays on Dab FIVE TIMES. But if you look right now, 9,769 plays. Why? Because they keep taking the plays away. The way I figure it, I should be at around 13,000 plays by now. Well over the 10k limit to take the first step to start showing ads.

But will YouTube let me have it? No.

Has YouTube done anything most heinous to you guys? If so, do you know why they are doing that? IA says its algorithms, I say its happened to me too many times to be algorithms.

It sounds like you've got some haterz over at YouTube and its time to DAB ON DEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, in seriousness, I've experienced this before but only when I've received too many plays in a short time frame. They do this to limit bots or using a paid service to get inflated plays. The downside is it does slow down your legit plays. Did they send you an email at all?

No sir! No emails or anything and too many plays too fast seems like a crock of shit to me being as MGK just put up 20 million in 2 days and why can’t small time NuJ4X stack 10k in 5 months? It’s bogus bro

I don't know anything about YouTube, but in enjoyed the song/video. One more play!

Count yourself lucky. My "Nullarbor Streetscapes" went to 445 in 48 hours in April, and suddenly stopped recording numbers. It will accept an occasional play now. I know I'm on a shit-list because of comments in a lot of places having lost my partner rating and written a lot of critical comments around the place about their rapaciousness. Apart from them owing me something under $100 which I'm never going to see. Not to mention non-payment on the (unlicensed) music backign 750,000 odd views on umpteen others' videos which have now surprisingly vanished or can't be searched by me on the youtube. Basically, I think the big boys (google, facebook etc) are evil manifest. But I keep using them--what does that say? Where else is there?

Tim, if they stole 750,000 plays from me and i has any documentation I would make videos every day and stream as often as I could trashing them and do crazy things to go viral to let them know I ain’t taking that crap lying down

They accumulated over time: I was (still am) on audiosocket's roster and they made the catalogue available in youtube movie maker, also elsewhere, because they'd developed a fingerprinter which worked which would allow an aggregator to locate and cream off the micro-royalties on the unlicensed (most) usages. So we waited to see. There were things like some seller of Saudi megayachts with 250,000 views--I attempted to pursue them for the license fee for the music to no avail ($45) AND spammed their video, to no avail--and I didn't have the heart to chase the Central American kid, his mum and their minion toys which racked up another 150,000 views for which no doubt they never saw any money either--but most of the rest, between 500 and 3000 views. I should have taken lots of screenshots but didn't, relying on the royalty aggregator to catch it all. But that fell in a heap and nearly took audiosocket with it. Nice try, exploding cigar. I was insufficiently cynical to record everything for later purposes. Bit like State Opera SA's treatment of my stuff.