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Hey folks, people actually LISTEN to your output here. What's more, some are so impressed they DOWNLOAD the song. And some of them are SO impressed the KEEP it, Except, three or for years on, scanning through mountains of files, damned if they can remember whose song it was because the perpetrators name ISN"T IN THE FILENAME. Yes it might be in the metadata, but not all players, Windows Media especially, always like metadata. Or there mightn't be metadata at all. Just do it, okay? Then i can go back to sleep again.

My current upload process makes sure the metadata is present, but my username is not in the filename. Considering my fondness for skirmishes, I should totally do this, though. (It might be nice for a person to be able to download all the tracks for a particularly awesome skirmish and not worry about filename conflicts.)

And if you're like me, you have your songs stored on a backup drive, so with names on the file, you can easily see who the title and who wrote it when you go back looking for something later. That's why I also add the album name to the title.

Awwww.... well, since I know nobody downloads my music, I guess I'm safe? Wink

Some FAWM ago someone posted instructions for uniform file names which I have followed ever since. It goes: I generally add the version after that. Everything is in metadata too which my Win Media Player sees just fine. Don't know about MAC stuff.